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ATV/UTV Grant Applications for 2023-2024

Applications submitted for consideration for grant funding by April 15, 2023.

ID Region County Category Project Name
A-01 SCR Cheese Country Rehab Slough Lane to Gratiot
A-02 SCR Cheese Country Rehab Calamine to Crist Ln
A-03 SCR Cheese Country Rehab Browntown to Allen Rd
A-04 SCR Cheese Country Rehab Ullom Rd to Allen Rd
A-05 SCR Cheese Country Rehab Bridge 48 Rehab
A-06 SCR Cheese Country Rehab Bridge 18 Rehab
A-07 WCR Jackson Rehab Crawford Creek Rehab
A-08 WCR Jackson Rehab Oak Ridge Rehab
A-09 WCR Jackson Rehab Indian Creek Bridge Redec
A-72 WCR Chippewa Rehab Tealey Creek Bridge Replacement
A-10 NOR-R Langlade Rehab CTH H Rec Wing
A-11 NOR-R Vilas Rehab Whiskey Trail Rehab
A-12 NOR-R Langlade Rehab Bridge 1 Replacement
A-13 NOR-R Langlade Rehab Bridge 4 Replacement
A-14 NOR-R Langlade Rehab Bridge 5 Replacement
A-15 NOR-R Langlade Rehab Bridge 19 Replacement
A-16 NOR-R Oneida Rehab Trail 8 Boardwalk Replacement
A-17 NOR-R Florence Rehab Trail F2 Rehab
A-18 NOR-R Forest Rehab Valley Trail Rehab
A-19 NOR-R Taylor Rehab Camp 8 Rehab
A-20 NOR-R Taylor Rehab Big Rib River Rehab
A-21 NER Oconto Rehab Oconto Trail Rehab
A-22 NER Kewaunee Rehab Riverview ATV Park Trail Rehab
A-68 NER Marinette Rehab Homestead Trail Rehab
A-23 NOR-S Burnett Rehab North Fork Flowage Bridge Replacement
A-24 NOR-S Burnett Rehab Trail to Road Approaches
A-25 NOR-S Burnett Rehab Whiskey Creek Bridge Replacement
A-26 NOR-S Barron Rehab Cattail State Trail Rehab
A-27 NOR-S Washburn Rehab Trail 27 Trail Rehab
A-28 NOR-S Washburn Rehab Trail 27 Bridge Rehab
A-29 NOR-S Barron Rehab Hwy 63 Rec Wing
A-30 NOR-S Douglas Rehab Pokegama River Bridge
A-31 NOR-S Washburn Rehab Trail 25 Rehab
A-32 NOR-S Washburn Rehab Trail 4 Rehab
A-33 NOR-S Sayner Rehab Trail 3 - CTH B to Forest Rd Rehab
A-34 NOR-S Sayner Rehab Trail 3 - Washburn to Green Lake Rd Rehab
A-35 NOR-S Sayner Rehab Tuscobia - Crawford Rd to Uncle Toms Rd Rehab
A-36 NOR-S Sayner Rehab Tuscobia - Shrock Rd to Wooddale Rd Rehab
A-37 NOR-R Forest New Year Round Trail New Trail
A-38 NOR-R FCPC New Year Round Trail New Trail
A-39 NOR-R Vilas New Summer Hwy 51 to Vandercook Rd
A-40 NOR-R Vilas New Summer Hiawatha Passage
A-41 NOR-R Vilas New Summer StG Birchwood Dr to Holiday Dr
A-42 NOR-R Price New Summer Solberg Trail
A-43 NOR-R Oneida New Summer Dump Rd Trail
A-44 NOR-R Oneida New Summer Trail 5
A-45 NOR-R Forest New Summer Blackwell Trail
A-46 NOR-S Polk New Summer Jack Pine Trail Loop
A-47 NOR-S Rusk New Summer Blue Hills Trail
A-48 NOR-S Sawyer New Summer Black Iron Bar & Grill Trail 9
A-49 NOR-S Sawyer New Summer River Rd to Forest Rd Trail 21
A-50 WCR Clark New Winter Abby Trail
A-51 WCR Marathon New Winter Abby Trail
A-52 NOR-R Langlade New Winter Polar Trail
A-53 NOR-R Lincoln New Winter Merrill Trail
A-54 NOR-R Vilas New Winter CTH K Connection
A-55 NOR-R Langlade Troute New GT Troutes
A-56 NOR-R Langlade Troute Parrish Elcho Loop
A-57 NOR-R Polk Troute Jack Pine Loop
A-58 NER Oconto Troute USFS Troute Rehab
A-59 NOR-S Polk Intensive Use New Intensive Use Area
A-60 WCR Jackson Support Facilities East Arbutus Campground Expansion
A-61 NOR-R Langlade Support Facilities Jack Lake N Trailhead Improvement
A-62 NOR-R Price Support Facilities Solberg Lake Campground Enhancement
A-63 NOR-R USFS Support Facilities Sailor Lake Campground Rehab
A-64 NER Marinette Support Facilities Athelstane Park & Ride Expansion
A-65 NOR-S Barron Support Facilities Bear Lake Pavilion
A-66 NOR-S Barron Support Facilities Cedar Lake Pavilion
A-67 NOR-S Barnes, Town of Support Facilities Town of Barnes Campground Dev
A-69 Statewide NOHVIS Maps Statewide Maps
A-70 WCR Adams Maps 10k ATV Maps
A-71 NOR-S Douglas Maps 10k ATV Maps
A-73 NOR-R Vilas New Year Round Trail Hwy 45 Trail
A-74 NOR-R Vilas Cost Increase Sayner NHAL Cost Increase
A-75 NOR-S Rusk Storm Damage Storm Damage
A-76 NOR-S Polk Storm Damage Storm Damage
A-77 NOR-S Tri-Co N Storm Damage Storm Damage