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Fall 2019 Issue

A hopeful vision for native mussel management
Vulnerable species with a turbulent past may be poised for better days as conservation efforts continue
Bullish on elk
Future looks bright for state herds after most recent relocation
My morning with the 'one-shot kid'
Waterfowl hunting mentor happy to help in promoting his beloved pastime
Water project evaluates the filter factor.
Elkhart Lake community partnership pioneers new technology to tackle algae blooms
Lend an eye for wildlife
With Snapshot Wisconsin, volunteers help monitor species captured by a growing network of trail cameras
Pier enjoyment
Chippewa Falls project grants a fishing wish
Taking on a tiny invasive
Young volunteer helps lead the way against New Zealand mudsnails
As if by magic, mushrooms materialize
Secretary's message
A message from Preston Cole
Back in the day
When picking milkweed was a patriotic pursuit

Expanded coverage: Of lands and lighthouses