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Annual Report Instructions

Webinar Recording Available Explaining Changes To Green Tier Annual Report Instructions & Metrics Form In Effect January 2023

These materials should be used by all Tier 1 and Tier 2 Green Tier participants submitting annual reports in January 2023 and beyond. You can find the new documents and the webinar recording at Green Tier Annual Report Instructions.

Annual Report Instructions

Annual Report Instructions

Metrics Form [Excel] Updated Mar-2023

Metrics Form Instructions

Green Tier participants – Your annual report is your opportunity to share your accomplishments and illustrate your commitment to superior environmental performance. Through annual reporting, you help make the connection between Green Tier participation and environmental improvement in Wisconsin. Your accomplishments are the basis for our reports to the legislature and the public.

Required Components

Annual reports are a cornerstone of Green Tier, and as the Green Tier Law lays out, they are a required component for participating in the program. We want the reporting process to be clear and provide value to your organization. It is important that each annual report includes a description of continual improvement of your environmental performance, supporting environmental metrics via the Metrics Form, and evidence of an effective environmental management system (EMS). These points and others are further explained in the new version of the instructions which take effect 1/1/2023.


New Metrics Forms as of 2023

As of January 2023, all participants should use the new Metrics Form. This new format uses normalized data, also known as intensity ratios, to help paint the picture of efficiencies as both business and environmental outcomes fluctuate over time.

When submitting your metrics form with our annual report, you only need to submit the “Results-SUBMIT THIS TAB” tab from the excel document. Directions describing how to save this tab as its own file are located on the “Instructions” tab in the Metrics Form.

Although you are only submitting the “Results-SUBMIT THIS TAB” tab with your annual report, make sure you save the entire workbook for your team to access when completing future annual reports. This will prevent you from having to refill out your baseline data in future years.

Webinar Recording Explaining New Metrics Form


Have questions? Check out this sample annual report and the annual reports tab on the FAQs page. The example report and webinar highlight key information we are looking for as well as answer direct questions from participants. The FAQs can be accessed by clicking on the triangles to see questions and answers. The questions are grouped to correspond with the sections of the annual report as laid out in the instructions.