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Green Tier Auditors Resources

The Green Tier program provides credibility to participants by requiring that their environmental management systems are audited by a DNR approved outside environmental auditor. This webpage is intended to help auditors understand the approval process and become part of our list of approved auditors.

Are you interested in becoming an approved auditor? Please review the Green Tier Outside Environmental Auditors Approval Requirements (CO-519) to understand the process before you begin.


The department approves individual environmental auditors who have successfully completed a certified environmental auditor course and/or are certified by an ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB) or The International Accreditation Service (IAS) accredited registrar. In addition, they must have demonstrated that their experience meets or exceeds the qualification guidelines for management systems as described in ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 19011:2018.

Auditors will be asked to document their training, experience, and skills by submitting:

  • A resume showing work experience as an environmental management system auditor or serving in a technical or managerial role with direct environmental management system responsibilities in the last five years.
  • An audit log showing at least 20 days of environmental management system audit experience, with at least four complete audits as a lead auditor in the last three years.
  • A copy of a certificate of successful completion of a certified ISO 14001 Lead Auditor course, or proof of certification from an accredited registrar.

We will review each auditors’ information and send a secure link to access E-Learning within 14 days of an application being deemed complete.


All applicants must successfully complete the Green Tier Auditor E-Learning Training Course before obtaining final approval. The Training Course complements an auditor's skills by enhancing specific knowledge regarding DNR's Green Tier program. Successful completion of the training will ensure knowledge of how to prepare, approach and document an audit of a Green Tier participant. The course consists of nine modules that should take less than two hours to complete.

Once the training is completed in a timely manner, we will notify the applicant of their approval status within 30 days.


Please contact our auditor liaison to begin the process for becoming an approved auditor.

Jenni Birkholz,, 608-514-2182.

As you learned in the training program, we provide you with resources to help you through the audit process.

EMS Information

Environmental management system resources are intended to help our auditors have a complete understanding of the management systems recognized by Green Tier.

Audit Guidelines

The audit guidelines are intended to help our auditors provide a consistent level of service to Green Tier participants. This document includes important reminders and resources to help you prepare for your Green Tier audits.


Template documents are available for you to use during your Green Tier audits. These are intended to help you clearly communicate the audit results to Green Tier participants. You are not required to use these templates, but they are linked below if you choose to use them.

* Please note: The Word versions of the files may automatically download to your computer.

Once you have successfully completed the auditor approval process, you are able to conduct the environmental management system audits of Green Tier participants. Here are some things to keep in mind.


We will promote your services to all Green Tier participants by posting a short biography and photograph of each auditor on our list of approved auditors. Please help us keep these fresh by sharing regular updates with us!


We want Green Tier auditors to be active proponents of the Green Tier program! We proactively engage with our approved auditors, and we are committed to listening to your feedback and opinions to make program improvements together. We meet with Green Tier Approved Auditors on a regular basis. You will be invited to these meetings, and you are encouraged to attend and remain an active part of the Green Tier program.


Your Green Tier Approved Auditor status remains in effect as long as you complete at least one Green Tier audit every three years. If it has been three years since your last Green Tier audit, you must re-submit your audit log for approval. If it has been longer than five years since your last Green Tier audit, then you must apply to retake the Green Tier auditor training.


Our auditor liaison is available to provide support to Green Tier Auditors. Please feel free to contact the auditor liaison with any questions.

Jenni Birkholz,, 608-514-2182.