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Legislative Reports

We are pleased to share our 2021-2022 Sustainability & Business Support update. This report highlights the DNR's free, non-regulatory services that support Wisconsin's businesses and local governments wherever they are on their path to sustainability.

The 2022 report focuses on the resilience exhibited by our customers as well as our staff and program offerings during the disruptions of the past couple of years. By improving the resources, we offer businesses and communities, we have helped them adapt in the face of today’s challenges

Scrolling through our interactive report, you will read about how our Small Business Environmental Assistance program has helped de-mystify state regulations for small businesses. You’ll learn about the changes to our state's environmental compliance audit program, Enviro-Check, that more closely align it with the US EPA's program. You’ll also discover the exciting improvements to Green Tier, our state’s flagship environmental improvement program.

Visit the 2021-2022 report page by clicking the corresponding blue button above and learn about all of this and more!

For a condensed version of the report, view the At-A-Glance update by clicking the corresponding blue button above.

You can find an archive of our past reports to the legislature that are required by Wisconsin State Statutes 299.83 & 299.85 in the Wisconsin Digital Archives.