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Project lists and intended use plans

New BIL-Funded LSL & EC Programs

Read our E-Bulletins and amendments to the Safe Drinking Water Loan Program (SDWLP) Intended Use Plan for information about the new Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) Lead Service Line (LSL) and Emerging Contaminants (EC) programs. In December, the Wisconsin DNR held webinars discussing the new LSL and EC programs. The amendments, recordings and slides are available on this web page under the SFY 2023 SDWLP heading.

Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) Funding

In Wisconsin, the BIL will provide over $700 million in additional funding during the next five years through the DNR’s Clean Water Fund and Safe Drinking Water Loan Programs.

Find project priority lists (PPLs), intended use plans (IUPs), and funding lists by state fiscal year (SFY) for the Environmental Improvement Fund (EIF) Clean Water Fund Program (CWFP) and Safe Drinking Water Loan Program (SDWLP).

Attention: Read our final policy paper on Procedural Changes for CWFP and SDWLP Applications. More information is available on the Statutes & Codes web page.



Calendar Year 2022 Private Lead Service Line Replacement Program



Project priority list

The project priority list (PPL) identifies, by state fiscal year, all projects with a valid Intent to Apply (ITA) & Priority Evaluation and Ranking Formula (PERF) submittal that are eligible to submit a financial assistance application.

Funding list

The funding list identifies, by state fiscal year, all projects with a complete financial assistance application submittal and each project's total requested costs. The following contains descriptions that explain the columns on the funding list:

Intended use plan

The intended use plan (IUP) identifies, by state fiscal year, the use of federal capitalization grant monies and how the DNR program supports the goals of the federal act and describes how the DNR program will operate during the corresponding state fiscal year. DNR submits the IUP to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as part of the federal capitalization grant application.

Contact information
For information on this topic, contact:
Lisa Bushby, CWFP Coordinator, or Noah Balgooyen, SDWLP Coordinator

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Annual Reports

DNR provides annual reports to EPA on the CWFP and SDWLP. The annual reports include lists of projects for which DNR and DOA entered into a Financial Assistance Agreement during the applicable year, as well as historical information from previous years. In addition to project lists, the annual reports describe activities that occurred during the applicable year, program compliance with federal requirements, and the financial status of the funds.

Contact information
Direct annual report questions to:
Becky Scott, Environmental Loans Section Manager