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Wisconsin Wildcards

Wisconsin State Park System

Look for pocket-sized informational Wisconsin Wildcards the next time you visit a Wisconsin State Park System property. By collecting, reading and playing with Wildcards, you can meet rare plants and animals, learn to identify invasive species, discover what kind of fish you caught, and visit special places.

Below are some of the card categories. The number of cards and categories change as new cards are added and as cards are discontinued or become temporarily unavailable.


Wildcard categories

Download and print sample cards.


Are you wondering what to do with all those wildcards that you have collected? You can use wildcards to play many of your favorite card games (e.g., Go Fish! Authors and Spoons). Here are some more ideas!

Wildcard games

Card games

Solitaire games

Strategy games

Tricks, puzzles and stunts


The Go Wild with Wisconsin Wildcards! educators' guide contains activities and games, that use Wisconsin Wildcards. Teachers and youth leaders will find enough ideas to keep children busy for hours!

Wisconsin educators and youth leaders can order a Go Wild with Wisconsin Wildcards! Educators' Kit on their organization’s letterhead. The kit contains a copy of the guide and enough Wildcards to do all the activities and play all the games.

Go Wild With Wisconsin Wildcards! kit for educators.