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Vehicle Admission Stickers

Wisconsin State Park System


A Wisconsin State Park System vehicle admission sticker is required on all motor vehicles stopping in state parks, forests and recreation areas.

Beginning Monday, Oct. 26, state park admission stickers and state trail passes for 2020 will be sold online or at individual properties via self-self-registration stations, electronic kiosks or drive-up window service. Visitors must have an admission sticker adhered to their vehicle or proof of purchase for entry.

Purchase an annual Wisconsin State Park and Forest vehicle admission sticker online.

Annual vehicle admission stickers

Annual vehicle admission stickers offer admission to all state parks and forests for the calendar year. The 2020 annual stickers are valid through Dec. 31, 2020. 

Annual stickers for 2021 will go on sale beginning Dec. 1.

Annual admission sticker rates Annual Reduced Rate
Vehicle with WI license plates $28 $15.50
Vehicle with WI license plates, resident age 65 and older $13 --
Vehicle with out-of-state plates $38 $20.50
*Reduced rate annual stickers are for additional vehicles registered to the same household address.

Daily vehicle admission stickers

Daily vehicle admission stickers are valid for the date of issue.

Daily admission sticker rates Daily* Devil's Lake Daily Peninsula & Willow River Daily
Vehicle with WI license plates $8 $13 $10
Vehicle with WI license plates, resident age 65 and older $3 $3 $3
Vehicle with out-of-state plates $11 $16 $13
Bus, with WI license plates $11 $16 $13
Bus, out-of-state plates $15 $20 $17
*Daily sticker rate applies to all properties except Devil's Lake, Peninsula and Willow River state parks.

There's an additional $5 fee for anyone who fails to pay for admission before using the park, forest, trail or recreation area. If a visitor refuses to buy a sticker/trail pass, a citation can be issued.

Vehicle Admission Sticker Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I purchase vehicle admission stickers?

The Department of Natural Resources has an option to purchase certain annual Wisconsin State Park vehicle admission stickers online.

Additionally, annual and daily admission stickers and state trail passes can be purchased at Wisconsin State Park System properties via self-registration, electronic kiosk or drive-up window service.

What admission stickers can I purchase online?

Annual Wisconsin Resident, Annual Wisconsin Resident Senior and Non-resident Annual stickers can be purchased online. Annual state trail passes and reduced-rate annual stickers, and daily stickers and passes are not currently available for purchase online but can be purchased at individual properties.

I have more than one car in my household, can I move one sticker between the two cars?

No, Wisconsin State Park vehicle admission stickers are NOT transferable. The sticker must be completely attached to the inside driver’s side of the windshield by its own adhesive (inside lower left-hand corner). Reduced rate vehicle admission stickers are available for households with more than one vehicle registered to the same address.

What do I do if I want to go to a park but haven't received my sticker?

If you purchase an annual admission sticker online and want to visit a park before your sticker arrives in the mail, you may print off and bring your receipt. Place the receipt on the driver’s side dash of your vehicle while at the property so that it can be read through the windshield.

Can I get a replacement sticker if mine is lost/stolen?

No, Wisconsin State Parks is not responsible for lost or stolen admission stickers or state trail passes. If your sticker is lost or stolen, you will need to purchase a new one.

Can I get a refund for my admission sticker order?

Wisconsin State Park admission stickers and state trail passes are non-refundable.

Can I get a replacement sticker if I'm getting a new car?

If you have a valid, current-year sticker and you are trading in your car or replacing a windshield with a vehicle admission sticker on it, you can get a replacement sticker for your new windshield at no charge by following the steps below.

  • Note the serial number of your current-year sticker.
  • Scrape enough of the old sticker off (it will come off in pieces) to prove you have it.
  • Print out the annual admission sticker replacement application form [PDF].
  • Bring the completed form and old sticker with you to a property with drive-up window service or;
  • Mail the form and old sticker to: Bureau of Parks and Recreation PR/6; PO Box 7921; Madison, WI 53707-7921.

Please Note: While property offices are closed during the COVID-19 public health emergency, print and keep a copy of the replacement application form. You may use this copy of your completed form for entry into the state parks until your replacement sticker arrives. Place on the driver’s side dash of your vehicle while at the property so that it can be read through the windshield.

What if I have a motorcycle?

The vehicle admission sticker rule applies to motorcycles. If your motorcycle does not have an adequate windshield or the sticker may damage the windshield, fasten the sticker in one of these places: on the front fork; behind the license plate; or under the seat. In some cases, a ranger may not see the sticker and issue you a notice. If this happens, return to the park or forest office to show your sticker and void the notice.

What if I have a rental car?

The same vehicle admission rules apply to rental cars. Admission stickers must correspond to the license plate of the vehicle (a rental vehicle with out-of-state license plates must purchase a non-resident admission sticker). Per state statute, an admission sticker is non-transferable and must be affixed to the front windshield by its own adhesive to be valid. If you have not received your sticker yet, follow the guidelines above.

Do I need a vehicle admission sticker if I’m camping?

Yes, a vehicle admission sticker is required for any motor vehicles brought into the property, including campgrounds. A camper without an annual sticker will need to buy one daily sticker for each night of camping. Free daily stickers are available for vehicles towed or carried into the property by a vehicle with a purchased sticker.

Are there any discounts for admission stickers?

The Wisconsin State Park System offers several types of waivers for admission fees: