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Waterfowl Hunting


The Wisconsin waterfowl hunter is one of the most dedicated and involved conservationists in the nation, contributing time and money to waterfowl management and habitat restoration. Wisconsin is a great waterfowl hunting state, thanks in part to hunter enthusiasm and dedication to the sport. Look below for more information on waterfowl reports and surveys, hunting regulations and other current issues.

2022 Migratory Game Bird Season

Looking for a place to waterfowl hunt? Check out this helpful resource.

Waterfowl Resources

Wisconsin Waterfowl Season Public Input

Public Input

Hunter Resources

Invasive Species Management

Becoming a better hunter


Check out these wild game recipes [PDF] provided by DNR staff.

Waterfowl identification

Dabbling Duck Wing Identification

Diving Duck Wing Identification

Mapping tools

Waterfowl Program Photos

WDNR Banding

Waterfowl Banding Wood Duck

WDNR Waterfowl Surveys

Mississippi River Aerial Flight

Wisconsin DNR Wild Wisconsin Podcast

Check out our Wild Wisconsin: Off the Record Podcast. On this episode, we cover the basics of migratory game birds in Wisconsin and give you an inside look at work done to help improve your time afield and our efforts to keep you engaged. Sit back and listen in. And if you like what you hear, click the button to subscribe on your favorite podcast platform.