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Season dates and application deadlines

View and print 2022 season dates and application deadlines [PDF].


2022 Seasons

Archery and Crossbow*

*No bucks may be harvested during the antlerless-only hunts identified below.

Sep. 17, 2022–Jan. 8, 2023

Archery and Crossbow *Metro Sub-units and counties with extended archery seasons*
See the map for counties with extended archery seasons.

Sep. 17, 2022–Jan. 31, 2023
Gun hunt for hunters with disabilities: This is not a statewide season. Learn more... Oct. 1–9, 2022
Youth deer hunt Oct. 8–9, 2022
Gun Nov. 19–27, 2022
Muzzleloader Nov. 28–Dec. 7, 2022
December 4-Day Antlerless Only Hunt Dec. 8–11, 2022

Antlerless-Only Holiday Hunt
*Open only in select Farmland (Zone 2) counties. Please see page 12 of combined hunting regulations for valid counties.

Dec. 24, 2022–Jan. 1, 2023*
All dates are subject to change through rulemaking or a legislative process. Please check the Wisconsin Hunting Regulations for a complete set of dates and unit designations.


The application deadline for bear permits is always Dec. 10, the year prior to the season.

2022 Seasons
Note:  Bear zones for the 2022 season
Zones A, B, D: where dogs are permitted
Sep. 7–13
  • with aid of bait
  • with all other legal methods not using dogs
Sep. 14–Oct. 4
  • with aid of dogs
  • with aid of bait
  • with all other legal methods
Oct. 5–11
  • with aid of dogs only
Zones C, E, F: where dogs are not permitted
Sep. 7–Oct. 11
  • with aid of bait
  • with all other legal methods not using dogs

Migratory Birds

2022 Seasons
Early Teal Sep. 1–9
Early Goose Sep. 1–15
Rail (Virginia, Sora) Sep. 1–Nov. 9
Snipe Sep. 1–Nov. 9
Common Gallinule Sep. 1–Nov. 9
Mourning Dove Sep. 1–Nov. 29
Youth Waterfowl Sep. 17–18
Woodcock Sep. 24–Nov. 7
Northern Duck Zone Sep. 24–Nov. 22
Southern Duck Zone

Oct. 1–9
Oct. 15–Dec. 4

Open Water Duck Zone Oct. 15–Dec. 13
Coot Same as Wild Duck Zone you are Hunting
Northern Goose Zone Sep. 16–Dec. 16
Southern Goose Zone Sep. 16–Oct. 9
Oct. 15–Dec. 4
Dec. 18–Jan. 3, 2023
Mississippi River Goose Zone Oct. 1–9
Oct. 15–Jan. 3, 2023


2022 Seasons
Rail (Virginia, Sora), Snipe, Common Gallinule & Woodcock Half hour before sunrise to sunset Sep. 1–Dec. 16
Early Teal Sunrise to Sunset Sep. 1–9
Ducks, mergansers & coots Half hour before sunrise to sunset All Zones Sep. 17&18; Jan. 13–Feb. 17, 2023
South Zone

Oct. 1–9
Oct. 15–Dec. 4

Open Water Zone Oct. 15–Dec. 13
North Zone Sep. 24–Nov. 22
Geese Half hour before sunrise to sunset Same as regular statewide season
The total daily bag limit for migratory game birds is 3, singly or in aggregate to include not more than the legal limit for Canada geese in the zone/season in which you are hunting.
Possession limit is 3 times the daily bag limit

Wild Turkey

The application deadline for spring turkey harvest authorizations is always Dec. 10.

2022-23 Seasons
2023 Spring Turkey Youth Hunt April 15–16
Spring 2023
Period A April 19–25
Period B April 26–May 2
Period C May 3–9
Period D May 10–16
Period E May 17–23
Period F May 24–30
Fall 2022
Zones 1 - 5 Sep. 17–Jan. 8, 2023
Zones 6 - 7 Sep. 17–Nov. 18

Small Mammals

2022 Seasons
Cottontail rabbit
Northern zone Sep. 17–Feb. 28, 2023
Southern zone Oct. 15 (9 a.m.)–Feb. 28, 2023
Milwaukee County Year-round
Squirrels (gray and fox)
Statewide Sep. 17–Feb. 28, 2023
Hunting protected species, such as badger, jackrabbit, moose, and flying squirrel are prohibited.
Check the small game hunting regulations for a complete set of rules.

Other Game Birds

2022 Seasons
Pheasant Statewide Oct. 15 (9 a.m.)–Jan. 8, 2023
Ruffed grouse
Zone A Sep. 17–Jan. 8, 2023
Zone B Oct. 15  Dec. 8
Statewide Sep. 17–Nov. 17
Jan. 18, 2023–Mar. 20, 2023
Hungarian partridge Statewide (closed in Clark, Marathon, and Taylor counties) Oct. 15 (9 a.m.)–Jan. 8, 2023
Sharp-tailed grouse Season is under review. Oct. 15–Nov. 6 (only if the season is open)
Bobwhite quail Statewide Oct. 15 (9 a.m.)–Dec. 7
Check the regulations for a complete set of rules.


The application deadline for bobcat and fisher permits is always Aug. 1. An otter application will no longer be required for the 2020 season.

2022 Seasons
Hunting Year-round
Trapping See coyote trapping seasons.
Fox, red and gray
Hunting Oct. 15–Feb. 15, 2023
Trapping See fox trapping seasons.
Beaver See beaver trapping seasons.
Mink See mink trapping seasons.
Muskrat See muskrat trapping seasons.
Oct. 15–Dec. 25
Dec. 26–Jan. 31, 2023
Trapping See bobcat trapping seasons.
Fisher See fisher trapping seasons.
Otter See otter trapping seasons.
Resident Oct. 15–Feb. 15, 2023
Non-resident Oct. 29–Feb. 15, 2023
Trapping See raccoon trapping seasons.