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Wetlands restoration and management

It is possible to restore wetlands that have been drained or filled in the past, as well as to improve the health of existing wetlands. DNR and other agencies and organizations can provide technical and financial assistance.


The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources - Waterway and Wetland Program in collaboration with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service - Green Bay Fish & Wildlife Conservation Office is pleased to announce we are now accepting project proposals for a funding opportunity to help conserve, restore or enhance wetlands and aquatic species in Wisconsin.

This announcement initiates a rolling request for proposals for this funding source. DNR will be reviewing applications annually each spring, shortly after applicable USFWS grants are awarded (e.g. National Fish Passage Program and the National Fish Habitat Partnership).

Refer to the funding announcement for details about this funding source and its priorities:

An application form (3500-129) is available for stakeholders interested in this funding source. Applications should be submitted by December 31 to James Brodzeller.

For more information about USFWS programs, see the strategic habitat plan or contact Jessica Collier by email or by phone at 920-866-1728.

Getting started

The best ways to learn more about available opportunities to restore or enhance wetlands are to contact the right people and read the award–winning restoration guide produced by the DNR and the Wisconsin Wetlands Association.

Contact the right people

The DNR, U.S. Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service have wetland biologists and programs available to assist landowners with technical and financial help to restore, enhance and manage wetlands. To learn more please contact Jason Fleener, DNR wetland habitat coordinator.

Wetland restoration handbook for Wisconsin landowners

This handbook lists the steps necessary to get started on restoring wetlands, starting with how to assess if restoration makes sense for the land. Planning and executing the project, understanding the environmental regulations and the people and programs that can help are all covered.

Wetland Restoration Handbook for Wisconsin Landowners

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A list of organizations that provide financial or technical help to restore, enhance and manage wetlands.