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Wildlife Diseases

Below is a list of diseases and other health issues commonly found in Wisconsin wildlife or the DNR monitors for their occurrence. Click on a specific disease to learn more about its transmission, common signs observed in affected wildlife, management actions, associated public health concerns, and links to additional information.

You can help monitor the health of Wisconsin's wildlife by reporting your sightings of sick or dead wildlife to the DNR. To report a sick or dead wild bird, please use this survey form: Sick or Dead Bird Reporting Form. Or you can contact the Wildlife Switchboard to report a sick or dead wild mammal or wild bird by emailing or calling 608-267-0866. You will need to leave a message for the switchboard staff. In your message, please include the number of wild animals, the species (such as a raccoon or Canada goose), if they were sick or dead, the location where you saw them, and the county and your contact information. It is not necessary to report wildlife killed along roadways.

All Diseases Searchable Table
Disease Name
Avian botulism
Avian cholera
Avian influenza
Avian pox
Bovine tuberculosis (TB)
Brain abscesses or cranial abscessation syndrome (CAS)
Canine distemper virus (CDV)
Canine parvovirus (CPV)
Chronic wasting disease
Chytrid fungus (Bd) in amphibians
Chytrid fungus (Bsal) in salamanders
Conjunctivitis in finches (Mycoplasmosis)
Corn toxicity in ruminants
Deer fibroma
Deer liver flukes
Deer nasal bot flies
Epizootic hemorrhagic disease (EHD) in WI deer
Lead toxicity
Newcastle disease
Rabbit hemorrhagic disease
Raccoon roundworm
Severe Perkinsea infection of frog tadpoles
Snake fungal disease (SFD)
Squirrel pox
Trichomoniasis in birds
Tularemia (rabbit fever, beaver fever)
Tyzzer's disease (Clostridium piliforme)
Warbles (Cuterebra botfly larvae)
West Nile virus
White-nose syndrome in bats
Wisconsin River Bald Eagle syndrome
Amphibian & Reptile Diseases
Image Examples of Amphibian & Reptile Species
Bird Diseases
Image Examples of Bird Species
Deer Diseases
Image Examples of Deer Species
Other Mammal Diseases
Image Examples of Other Mammals