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Wisconsin Plant Recovery Initiative (WPRI)

Expedite Closed Industrial Facility Cleanup and Revitalization

WPRI is a DNR effort to help businesses and communities expedite the cleanup and reuse of industrial and/or
commercial facilities that have or are planning to shut their doors. Besides the loss of jobs, tax revenue and local
business, a plant closing may leave environmental contamination. DNR’s cleanup and redevelopment tools are
designed to help return these properties to productive use and encourage economic revitalization. Find more
details in DNR publication Wisconsin DNR Plant Recovery Initiative Fact Sheet (RR-862).

Find contaminated property and cleanup activities

Contact DNR’s Green Team for assistance

Notify DNR’s Air program about your facility closing

Verify that you're meeting environmental requirements

Manage waste properly

Which storm water permits are required?

Submitting wastewater plans

Understanding high capacity well requirements

Explore financial incentive opportunities