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Storm Water Runoff Permits

Storm water permits, forms, and other information

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NR 216 Rule Updates: 

Chapter NR 216, Wis. Admin. Code, Storm Water Discharge Permits was last updated in 2003. Since that time there have been changes to state statutes, federal requirements, and Chapter NR 151, Wis. Admin. Code that need to be reflected in administrative code. The proposed rule was adopted by the Natural Resources Board at its meeting on August 11, 2021. Next steps include submittal to the Governor’s office and Legislature. More information is available at:

Urban storm water runoff contains pollutants from roads, parking lots, construction sites, industrial storage yards and lawns. The Storm Water Program regulates storm water discharges from construction sites, industrial facilities and municipalities.

Technical Standards, Models and BMPs

to plan, design, install, and maintain erosion/sediment control and Best Management Practices

Publications and Guidance

that aids in the implementation of the storm water runoff program

Construction site permitting

and information on erosion control and storm water management plan requirements for construction sites

Industrial Permitting

and information on storm water pollution prevention plans for industrial facilities

Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Permitting

Storm water management program requirements for municipalities

Reduce Storm Water Runoff Pollutants

from your property