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RR Report - Remediation & Redevelopment Program newsfeed

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Stay in touch with news from the RR Report newsfeed.

Stay in touch with news from the Remediation and Redevelopment (RR) Program by reading and subscribing to the RR Report. This newsfeed provides brief, timely information with links on cleanup and redevelopment issues such as new rules, updated forms, grant deadlines and awards, new guidance and more.

Visit the RR Report whenever you like and see new content as it is posted. Bookmark the page for future reference. You can also sign up for RR Report updates. We notify subscribers every few weeks about posts that occurred during that time and may occasionally send out additional time-sensitive messages.

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About the newsfeed

In August 2017, the RR Report was upgraded from a static, PDF publication into an online newsfeed. The move represents the RR Program's continuing commitment to outreach and communication.

The RR Report newsfeed is searchable by category, tag or by keywords or phrases. Simply enter your search into the appropriate field and off you go.