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Maps and GIS

Maps help present information in a form that is more easily understood and meaningful to broad audiences. You can browse the mapping applications below for more specific information displayed in a map format. Many of these maps are interactive, meaning that users can zoom in and out, add data layers, print and export maps and perform other actions to get information and make maps about specific areas and features of interest to them.

Endangered resources
Fishing, hunting, recreation
  • Location Finder Viewer – Location statistics including county, municipality, PLSS description, latitude/longitude, legislative districts and waterbody information.
Groundwater & Wells
  • Water Use Viewer – Locations and volumes of high capacity well and surface water withdrawals, pending high capacity well applications and recently approved wells.
  • Well Driller Viewer - Provides a visual map view of specific setback, construction and approval information to assist well drillers in planning projects and meeting requirements of NR 812, Wis. Adm. Code.
  • PFAS Interactive Data Viewer - Identifies locations with known PFAS contamination and whether cleanup has been completed; results from testing municipal drinking water for PFAS; locations with PFAS-related fish and game consumption advisories; and waterbodies throughout Wisconsin sampled for PFAS during targeted or routine monitoring.
  • Property Planning Viewer – Master Planning map series themes, including DNR & Other Lands, Proposed and Existing Infrastructure, and Land Management Classifications.
  • Public Access Lands – Open public lands and recreational opportunities, as well as DNR Land Sales parcels and Board of Commissioners of Public Lands parcels.
Remediation & Redevelopment
Surface Water & Wetlands