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Air Monitoring Map for Industrial Sand Mine/Processing Plants

Industrial sand operations that have a requirement in their permit to monitor for particulate matter must provide ambient monitoring data to the DNR. The DNR Air Management Program works with industrial sand facilities to provide technical assistance and review of any required monitor sites near the facilities.

Particulate data from industrial sand mines is monitored using U.S. EPA-approved filter-based methods. The filters are prepared in a laboratory and installed in the field to collect samples. Filters are then collected from the field sites and returned to the laboratory for analysis. The analyzed data is submitted monthly to the DNR and quality assured by DNR air monitoring staff. The quality assured data is compiled into plots and posted to the interactive map below and entered into an Excel spreadsheet approximately 60-90 days after the end of each calendar quarter.

Quality assured data through March 2022

Download air monitoring data [XLSX]

Updated data posted on 06/24/22.

Interactive Map

To view information on a site, click on the pinpoints. You may need to zoom in on the map to differentiate between pinpoints. Each pinpoint contains:

  • a link to an Adobe PDF plot of the quality assured data;
  • the Facility Identification (FID), which is a unique nine-digit number that can be used to identify each permitted facility in Wisconsin; and
  • the Environmental Protection Agency's Air Quality System Identification (AQS ID), which is a unique identifier for each monitoring site in the U.S.
Map Key showing blue pins for Active Monitoring sites and orange pins for Completed Monitoring sites.

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