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Public Access Lands Mapping Application

Real Estate Program

The Public Access Lands (PAL) mapping application is a map-based system that allows you to locate and find information on properties open for public access. PAL can be used on your desktop or handheld device.

We've recently launched a new version of this application to make it easier than ever for you to find an adventure in Wisconsin. 

Launch New Public Access Lands Mapping Application

Wisconsin has a variety of outstanding natural resources to explore. Each year, thousands of people boat, camp, fish, hunt, hike, bike, ski, canoe, sightsee, study nature and pursue other outdoor activities across the state. Our public lands are places where we can get away from daily routines and enjoy the natural beauty Wisconsin has to offer.

The Wisconsin DNR purchases land and conservation easements to manage and protect our natural resources and to provide recreational opportunities to everyone who lives, works and plays in the state. Through the real estate land acquisition program, wetlands, forests, scenic areas, prairies, savannas, wildlife and fish habitat, rare species habitat, glacial features, and other resources are protected and managed.

PAL also includes private lands open to public access, including the Managed Forest Law (MFL), Forest Crop Law (FCL), Voluntary Public Access (VPA) and the Turkey Hunter Access Program (THAP). 

Launch Public Access Lands Mapping Application



We're always looking to improve. Send your comments on how we can improve our new PAL application to


These documents apply to the new application and provide guidance on web map navigation. They also identify web application tools and describe their use.

These documents are also available in the web map application as individual buttons and tools.

The FAQ document will answer common questions we receive from users.
If you don’t see your question email it to

The Access Use and Constraints (Disclaimer) document will explain the map application purpose and limitations.