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Viewing Floodplain Analysis and Maps

Wisconsin DNR floodplain mapping application

The DNR Floodplain Management Program's mapping application allows the public access to the Wisconsin Floodplain Analysis database and FEMA's National Flood Hazard Layer. Floodplain Insurance Studies and Engineering Input Models are available for download through the 'Identify Results' information of the flood study and bridge location lines and points. FEMA's National Flood Hazard Layer and Air Photos become available for viewing once you zoom in to a large scale (1:150,000). USGS Topographic maps may also be displayed as a background.

Once you find an area of interest, use the "Identify Point" tool to click on a floodplain, dam, or other feature to display additional information in the left sidebar, including links to associated photos, documents, and input models if available.

Please Note: FEMA's floodplain layer displayed on this website is not the official map and should not be used for regulatory purposes, such as floodplain zoning. This layer is strictly for informational purposes. To view and download the official, effective flood insurance rate maps visit FEMA's Map Service Center.

Information about downloading input models

We are aware that accessibility to the input models has been sporadic and we are trying to fix the problem. Please try the following solution:

  1. In your browser's advanced Internet options, uncheck the Passive FTP option,
  2. Clear your cache.
  3. Clear your cookies.
  4. Try it again.

If you are still unable to download the files, then send an email to G. Fritz Statz. In your email, please mention which browser you are using and whether you have been successful downloading models in the last 3 months.

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