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Certified Plan Writers

A certified plan writer is a cooperating forester certified by the DNR to write Managed Forest Law (MFL) plans. Certification is granted to individual foresters, not the company or organization they work for. Certified plan writers are the only private consulting or industrial foresters who can write management plans for the MFL program. 


When you apply to enter land into the Managed Forest Law program, a management plan is a requirement of enrollment. The certified plan writer is there to help you complete your Managed Forest Law applications, gather the appropriate attachments, help determine your management goals for the property and assist you in maintaining the long-term sustainability of your land through the development of the Managed Forest Law management plan.


Certified plan writers have received specialized training in the preparation of Managed Forest Law plans. They attend annual training sessions, maintain a cooperating forester status with the DNR and agree to comply with the guidelines and directives of the department.

Find a certified plan writer

You can use the online forestry assistance locator to help you locate a certified plan writer who normally works in your county. Simply click on the "Select County" drop-down menu and click on the county you are looking for. Once the list appears, scroll down to the cooperating forester section and look for the "certified plan writer on staff" column. The companies or organizations that have a "yes" in this column have a certified plan writer on staff. You can also search the online locator by the service you desire.

You can contact certified plan writers to find information on their various forestry services and the rates they charge for Managed Forest Law plan preparation. Once you hire a certified plan writer, he or she will be able to help guide you through the Managed Forest Law enrollment process.