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For Certified Plan Writers

This page is intended for professional foresters who are certified plan writers or interested in becoming certified plan writers. To learn more about what a certified plan writer can do for you as a landowner, go to the about certified plan writers page.

Reasons to become certified

Becoming a certified plan writer enables you to write management plans for the Managed Forest Law (MFL) program. A certified plan writer is a private consultant or industrial forester certified by the DNR to write MFL plans. Certification is granted to individual foresters, not the company or organization they work for.

Becoming certified

A forester can become certified by fulfilling the following three requirements.

Maintaining certification

To maintain certification, a certified plan writer must:

  • prepare at least one MFL plan every two years;
  • attend an MFL update training session each year;
  • maintain cooperating forester status;
  • submit cost data for MFL plans each year; and
  • comply with the guidelines and directives of the DNR and prepare MFL plans consistent with those guidelines and directives.

Resources for current certified plan writers