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Wetland Identification Program

The Wetland Identification Program assists landowners to determine if wetlands are present on their property. 

Complete a service request online

Wetland Confirmation, Wetland Identification, Assured Delineation Report Submittal, and Wetland Exemption Service Requests are available online in the DNR ePermitting system. Click below to start a request.

The DNR recommends that anyone interested in the confirmation or identification service should contact Wetland Identification staff prior to submitting a request. 

Wetland identification service

The wetland identification service includes an on-site property inspection by a DNR Wetland Identification Specialist to determine if wetlands exist, and includes:

  • a survey of up to 5 acres for a fee of $300 per acre 
  • a presence/absence determination and/or an approximate wetland boundary location
  • a response in 60 days or less

Project planning and upland determinations are the best uses for the identification service. It is generally not suitable for projects that have setback requirements or that are located very close to a wetland. These likely require a full wetland delineation. Please contact the Wetland Identification Program staff prior to submitting a request.  

Wetland confirmation service

Wetland delineations generally must be confirmed by DNR during the growing season. The Wetland Confirmation Service includes an on-site property inspection to confirm the accuracy of a delineation completed by a private consultant, and includes:

  • a survey of any size parcel, for $300 per 20 acres of land reviewed
  • a written statement of confirmation 
  • a response in 60 days or less

The goal of this service is to provide landowners and developers with certainty that a project’s delineated wetland boundaries are accurate before project plans are finalized. It is recommended that you use this service early in the planning phase to prevent unexpected wetland boundary concerns from delaying project approval.

If your delineation was completed by an assured delineator, a DNR wetland boundary confirmation is not required.

Note: a federal jurisdictional determination is required from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers before you can decide whether to request a federal or nonfederal confirmation request.

See Non-Growing Season Determinations for service requests outside of the growing season.

Wetland FAQ

Are there wetlands on a property I am interested in purchasing?

Using the DNR Surface Water Data Viewer:

  1. Zoom in to the property
  2. Click "Show Layers" in the upper left
  3. Turn on the "Mapped Wetlands" layer, which will show existing wetlands
  4. Turn off the "Mapped Wetlands" layer
  5. Turn on the "Wetland Indicators and Soils" layer, which will show the extent of potential wetlands

If these maps do not show wetlands or wetland indicators on the property, there may still be wetlands present. Use the DNR Wetland Identification Service to determine presence/absence before you complete a project. 

For those making an offer on a property, the Wetlands Real Estate Addendum may be used to verify the presence of wetlands during the purchase negotiations, reducing risk to buyers. 

How do I find out if my property has wetlands and needs a permit?

For future project planning and upland determination purposes, use the DNR Wetland Identification Service to obtain a presence/absence statement and an approximate wetland boundary. 

You can also use map tools and survey your own property to gain a sense of wetland extent first. You can also consult a professional wetland delineator. See resources on our Wetland Delineation page for details on how to do so.

If you are planning a project on land with wetlands, a DNR wetland permit may be required.

What is a wetland delineation and do I need one?

A wetland delineation is a precise wetland boundary survey that meets federal and state regulations and is completed by a wetland professional. It is required for all development projects that may result in impacts to wetlands. 


Contact information

For more information on wetland boundary delineation, contact the specialist for your county: