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Portable Document Format (PDF) help

Adobe Reader version 10 or newer is recommended for full functionality.

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Opening PDFs can occasionally cause problems when:

  • displaying PDF files inside your browser;
  • downloading very large files; and
  • opening, saving and submitting fillable forms.

Possible solutions

One method to resolve PDF problems is to use IE mode in Microsoft Edge Chromium. Another option is to save a copy of the file to your device for offline use, then open the file with Adobe Reader. This is particularly important for fillable PDF forms which may not open, save or submit correctly unless using an Adobe PDF viewer.

  • To download a file, right-click on the PDF link, then select "Save link as" or "Save target as." Make a note of the file location and file name so you can access the file from your device.
  • Open Adobe Reader, select "File > Open," then browse to the PDF file you saved on your device.

Frequently Asked Questions on Adobe PDF Fillable Forms

  • I cannot download a form, or I get an error message [Please wait…] when I try to open a form on DNR’s webpage. What can I do to fix this?
    PDF Help please wait message screenshot
  • Fillable forms are only supported using IE mode in MS Edge Chromium. They do not work with mobile devices.

  • For all Portable Document Format (PDF) forms provided on DNR’s website, please be sure your device is running Adobe Reader [exit DNR] version 10 or higher.

  • Some internet browsers use a PDF viewer that does not support fillable PDF forms. In particular, Chrome and Safari generally use their own version of PDF viewers rather than Adobe’s. Another possible solution is to save a copy of the PDF file to the computer for offline use and then open it through Adobe Reader or Acrobat.

    1. To download the file, right-click on its PDF link, then select "Save link as" or "Save target as."
    2. Make a note of the file name and the location where it is saved for future use.
    3. Open Adobe Reader or Acrobat, select "File > Open," then browse to the PDF file saved on the computer.
  • I want to combine a fillable PDF form with a package of other normal PDF forms. How can I do that without having to print them out, scan them and then insert them into a file?

    Set up a PDF printer driver that allows the computer to print to a PDF file. Select "Smallest File Size" under Properties, and "Print as Image" under Advanced. These instructions and settings may be different depending on the computer's print driver.

    1. Select File, Print then choose the Adobe PDF Printer. Click the Properties button.

      PDF Help Select File
    2. From the Adobe PDF Settings tab, select Smallest File Size from the drop down list for Default Settings. Click the OK button.

      PDF Help Adobe Settings
    3. Click the Advanced button. Check the "Print as Image" box. Click the OK button.

      PDF Help Print Image
      PDF Help Print as Image

      Increasing the resolution from 300 dpi (automatic) to 600 dpi will help enhance the image. The image may be blurry at 300 dpi, but the file size will be larger at 600 dpi. A 600 dpi image may still be smaller than a scanned PDF depending on the scanner settings.

      Finally, select Print. At the prompt, select a file name for the "new" PDF file.

      It is important to note that the file will not have character recognition (searchable text) in this format. PDF editing software, such as Acrobat, can run an OCR or "Recognize Text" feature to make files searchable. Scanning the form and then inserting with other PDFs might result in a larger file, but could provide character recognition with the right settings.

  • Why am I unable to add/delete rows or processes in the fillable PDF where there is a (+) or (–) next to the field, or why other fields are not functioning the way they should?

    This may be a function of the JavaScript setting in the computer's version of Adobe. Once the form is saved to the computer, the settings may be changed.

    Open the form. Go to Edit > Preferences, and select JavaScript from the list of Preferences available. At the top of the screen, make sure the box "Enable Acrobat JavaScript" is selected. Save the file and then begin editing.

    PDF Help JavaScript