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Recycling and composting

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2/23/21 COVID-19 UPDATE: 

Thank you for your patience during the COVID-19 public health emergency. As state agencies continue operations, please understand that most of our staff are continuing to telework and may have limited access to files and delayed online connectivity.

Field work, including compliance inspections, is still taking place but at a limited basis. In most cases, staff will schedule pre-inspection calls with facilities to gather some of the information that would previously have been collected while on-site. These advance calls will also be used to discuss safety protocols for on-site visits that may be needed to complete all aspects of a compliance assessment.

Staff will keep their voicemails and out-of-office messages up to date and will respond as they are able.

For the most up-to-date information, please visit our COVID-19 information webpage. For program-specific information, please search keyword "COVID19."

Wisconsin has a strong history of recycling and composting, and each of us has a role to play in continuing this success. Wisconsin's commitment to reduce, reuse and recycle is shown by its comprehensive recycling laws. The laws ban disposal and incineration of certain materials and delegate responsibility to local government responsible units for implementing municipal recycling programs to manage the banned materials.

What to recycle

RU Annual Reports Due 4/30

The recycling responsible unit annual report covering 2020 activities is due April 30.


Tips for home composting and requirements for large-scale compost facilities


How to safely manage used batteries


Wisconsin’s electronics recycling law and how to e-cycle

Light bulbs

Requirements and guidelines for recycling fluorescent and other light bulbs

Plastic bags

How to reuse and recycle plastic bags, film and wrap

Responsible Units

Requirements for local government responsible units
Responsible Units


Requirements for materials recovery facilities

Education & Outreach

Free publications and other resources for recycling education and outreach
Education & Outreach

Recycling and waste reduction tips

Recycling, reuse and waste reduction for all seasons
Recycling and waste reduction tips

Wisconsin's waste reduction and recycling law

Outline of Wisconsin’s requirements for waste reduction and recycling
Wisconsin's waste reduction and recycling law

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