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STRATTEC Security Corporation

Tier 1 participant since 8/15/2016


STRATTEC and its predecessor, Briggs & Stratton Technologies, have been in the vehicle lock manufacturing business for more than 80 years. STRATTEC's record of environmental performance is guided by an Environmental Management System (EMS) that outlines the company's commitment to preventing pollution and continual improvement.

Environmental activities

STRATTEC's environmental achievements to date include:

  • installing a water re-use system in the Plating Department resulting in annual reductions of over 3 million gallons;
  • eliminating the use of cyanide and related wastewater treatment chemicals in the zinc plating process; and
  • receiving ISO 14001 EMS certification, an international standard for environmental performance.

Future sustainability goals include:

  • reducing the die cast reclaim rate to less than 1.75%;
  • increasing use of intermodal shipping to five times/week and reducing use of premium freight;
  • increasing usage of water-soluble die lube by 2%;
  • utilizing a recycling system to reduce oily wastewater production; and
  • better communicating EMS benefits and cost savings from sustainability projects.


Annual report

Commitment outline

Acceptance letter


DNR contact Company contact
Joseph Mares
1027 W Saint Paul Ave
Milwaukee WI 53233-2641
Nathaniel McMullin
Environmental/Plating engineer
3333 Good Hope Rd
Glendale WI 53209-2043
STRATTEC Security Corporation