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Serigraph, Inc.

Tier 2 participant since 08/26/2011


Serigraph is a full-service printing, molding and custom graphics company that specializes in decorative, functional, and brand identity solutions for customers in appliance, automotive, consumer, medical, electronics, industrial and point-of-purchase markets. Serigraph has been a Green Tier participant at the Tier 1 level for five years and was welcomed as a Tier 2 participant in August 2011. Serigraph’s environmental accomplishments include:

  • since 2000, Serigraph's biofiltration system has eliminated more than 180 tons of volatile organic compounds from its emissions;
  • recycling 1.5 million pounds of plastic in 2006;
  • keeping 75 of the 100-acre main Serigraph campus in natural state; and
  • improving reclamation processes that reduced water consumption by 65%.

Environmental activities

Serigraph will expand upon these past successes and will identify additional areas for environmental improvement by utilizing their environmental management system.

Proposed goals for the facility under the contract include:

  • minimize waste and increase recycling;
  • minimize solvent usage;
  • reduce electrical consumption;
  • restoration and maintenance of on-site prairie;
  • reduce water usage; and
  • convert to ultraviolet inks to further reduce volatile organic compounds.


Annual reports

Participation contract


DNR contact Company contact
Sensen Lin
1027 W St Paul St
Milwaukee WI 53233-2641
Justin Reichert
EH&S director
3801 E Decorah Rd
West Bend WI 53095
Serigraph, Inc.