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Cardinal IG (SGIG)

Tier 1 participant since 12/17/2010


The first Cardinal Company was established as a Minnesota corporation in 1962. In 1979, Cardinal Glass built a 30,000 square foot insulating glass facility in Spring Green. Over the next 30 years, the Spring Green IG facility expanded to accommodate the need for new technology and increased production levels. Currently, the Spring Green IG facility is approximately 430,000 square feet, able to produce 28,000 insulating glass units per day, and employs 500 people. The Spring Green facility manufactures high performance insulated glass units for the residential wood window market.

Environmental activities

SGIG’s sustainability program is a five pillar program to address environmental improvement opportunities in each of the following areas.

  • Pollution Prevention: Focused on the three pillars of reduce, reuse and recycle. SGIG is ultimately committed to reducing our environmental impact, but in the absence of reduction the company will attempt to reuse what they can and finally recycle all which they are able to.
  • Energy Management: The company are committed to purchasing and consuming energy in the most efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally responsible manner possible. Towards this end, SGIG will continuously improve energy efficiency by implementing an effective energy management program that supports operations and customer satisfaction while simultaneously providing a safe and comfortable work environment for its employees.
  • Water Management: SGIG is committed to ensuring on-site water consumption is reduced and/or optimized to verify that efficient and environmentally friendly processes are implemented and practiced.
  • Supplier Management: The purpose of supplier management is to evaluate/improve the supply chain and control the incoming material looking to have materials that are in compliance with material standards and suppliers are conforming to the SGIG's EMS standards, limiting environmental impacts.
  • Community Outreach (Green Team): The Green team is responsible for external communication relative to SGIG's environmental management program as well as conducting at least three environmental outreach projects per year.

Environmental accomplishments include:

  • reducing waste to the landfill with an absolute goal of zero landfill;
  • reducing the plant's energy consumption through greater energy monitoring with a goal of reducing energy used per square feet of glass produced year over year;
  • reduce packaging materials from suppliers and work with suppliers on reducing SGIG's carbon footprint;
  • reduce water usage and measure water usage on a standardized metric; and
  • engaged with the community on e-waste collection and partner with local food pantries and schools on raising the overall environmental consciousness.


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DNR contact Company contact
Dan Bekta
3911 Fish Hatchery Rd
Fitchburg WI 53711-5367
Keith Slaney
1011 East Madison St
Spring Green WI 53588
608-588-7415 ext. 7260
Cardinal Glass