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C.W. Purpero, Inc.

Tier 1 participant since 12/16/2011


C.W. Purpero, Inc., founded by Charles W. Purpero in 1919, provides services including grading, excavating, sewer and water utilities, and demolition. Employing just under 100 people in Oak Creek, Purpero works throughout southeastern Wisconsin on projects ranging from stream enhancement, pond construction, and shoreline work to building construction, road work, real estate development, and athletic field construction.

Environmental activities

Many of the services Purpero offers have an environmental focus, including wetland restoration, landfill construction, and environmental clean up. Sustainability efforts at Purpero project sites also showcase their commitment to the environment.

  • Pavement materials from demolition can be crushed on site and reused in the project.
  • Metal building materials including structural steel, metal decking, and copper wiring are salvaged for recycling.
  • Purpero identifies beneficial reuses of waste products such as fly ash, kiln dust, and foundry sand at project sites.
  • The company has partnered with DNR to help educate its industry on reuse practices related to Wisconsin's Beneficial Use of Industrial Byproducts (NR538) - a state authorized voluntary environmental program that encourages reuse of industrial byproducts rather than landfilling them. This preserves resources, conserves energy, saves landfill space and reduces the need for additional quarries and soil borrow pits.
  • Purpero also maintains a firm commitment to sustainability in its own operations, including upgrades to LED sign lights, recycling waste oils, and using emission reduction scrubbers on older equipment.



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Craig Webster
141 NW Barstow St, Rm 180
Waukesha WI 53188
Cell: 414-303-3011
Phillip A. Purpero
1190 West Rawson Ave
Oak Creek WI 53154
C.W. Purpero, Inc.