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Search the Reference Guide index for Clean Water Fund Program (CWFP) and Safe Drinking Water Loan Program (SDWLP) guidance and topics.

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administrative codes

American iron and steel (AIS)

application process and contents:

authorized representative resolution [PDF]


bids and construction contracts [PDF]


change orders

clean water fund program (CWFP) overview [PDF]

construction management

construction management engineers (CMEs)

cost and effectiveness certification


davis-bacon and related acts [PDF]



disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE)


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easement rights

e-bulletin newsletters

eligibility index:

environmental loans (EL) overview [PDF]

environmental review (ER) [PDF], SDWLP

equipment replacement fund (ERF)


federal equivalency

financial assistance agreement (FAA)

financial assistance summary

financial management

fiscal sustainability plan (FSP)

force account


funding list

funding sources for water projects


green project reserve (GPR) guidance for determining project eligibility [PDF]


The Hardship Financial Assistance Program ceased after the State Fiscal Year 2018 funding cycle. The elimination of this program is in concert with increased interest rate subsidy to help financially disadvantaged municipalities.


intended use plan (IUP)

intent to apply (ITA)

interest rate

interim financing

intermunicipal agreement:

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land ownership

lead service line (LSL) replacement

loan closing

loan repayment

loan term


map of counties each CME serves

map of loan recipients

market rate

median household income (MHI)




online system

operation and maintenance (O&M) manual, CWFP


parallel cost percentage

pilot projects program overview [PDF]

principal forgiveness (PF)

priority evaluation and ranking formula (PERF)

Private Lead Service Line Replacement Program

project closeout

project managers

project priority list (PPL)

Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSC)


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reimbursement resolution

repayment of loan

request for disbursement



safe drinking water loan program (SDWLP) overview [PDF]

sewer use ordinance (SUO)

small loans program (SLP)

staff directory


storm water projects



two-thirds rule


unsewered projects

user charge system (UCS)


webinar guidance for the best viewing experience

WebReports, DOA EIF [exit DNR]

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Disclaimer of guidance: This document is intended solely as guidance and does not contain any mandatory requirements except where requirements found in statute or administrative rule are referenced. Any regulatory decisions made by the Department of Natural Resources in any matter addressed by this guidance will be made by applying the governing statutes and administrative rules to the relevant facts. Program implementation details are outlined in the governing administrative codes and statutes: §§ 281.58 and 281.59 and 281.61, Wis. Stat., and chs. NR 162 and 166, Wis. Adm. Code.