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Site Requirements

The DNR website including specialized content, e.g., applications and information systems; forms and other PDF documents; maps, videos and webcasts, is accessible and is tested on a broad range of computers, mobile devices and internet browsers.

For best results:

  • use up-to-date devices, operating systems and internet browsers;
  • enable JavaScript; and
  • use help provided in grey boxes and hyperlinks to our software providers to ensure you have the latest readers, players and other "plug-ins."

Portable Document Format (PDF)

For PDF files use Adobe Reader [exit DNR] version 8 or higher.

Get Adobe Acrobat Reader



For further assistance see:

Videos and webcasts

If you are unsure if your system meets the requirements for viewing videos and webcasts, test your system [exit DNR].

If your device is not compatible, a recommendation or explanation will be highlighted in red. To get the current Silverlight plugin go to Microsoft's site [exit DNR]

For further assistance see:

If you do not meet the minimum requirements for "Live" viewing, "On Demand" viewing is available after the live event.

Site Map

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