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Emerald Ash Borer Community Toolbox

The emerald ash borer toolbox helps municipal governments plan and respond to this pest. Wisconsin is officially in a statewide quarantine. Whether your community has already been affected by the green menace or not, this insect will spread. The time to act and prepare is NOW. No matter what stage of invasion a municipality is experiencing, prior to detection or already removing ash trees, this toolbox will introduce funding opportunities, provide insight into management options and help guide and create management plans, ordinances and outreach. It also contains information regarding what to do once trees are removed – replanting and urban wood utilization.

For general EAB information, not specific to municipal readiness, see the Wisconsin EAB information source [exit DNR]. The information source website includes current information for homeowners, woodland owners, industry professionals and others on how to identify EAB and ash trees, signs and symptoms, known EAB locations in Wisconsin, quarantines, regulations, pesticides and much more.

Content of these webpages is shared for informational purposes only. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources does not endorse and makes no representations, expressed, inferred or implied, concerning these organizations, programs or services.