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Urban Forestry Contacts

For questions about yard trees, please complete UW-Madison Division of Extension's Ask Your Gardening Question online form.

North Central Region

Patricia Lindquist, regional coordinator

Northeast Region

Interim contact: Patricia Lindquist

West Region

Abby Krause, regional coordinator

South Central Region

Brian Wahl, regional coordinator

Southeast Region

Elton Rogers, regional coordinator

East Central Region

Olivia Witthun, regional coordinator

A map of Wisconsin, divided based on region.

Central Office

Jeff Roe, team leader

Jenn Janness, outreach specialist

Nicolle Spafford, finance specialist

Dan Buckler, inventory specialist

Forestry Headquarters

Laura Buntrock, partnership and policy specialist

Office Locations

Wisconsin DNR
101 South Webster St
PO Box 7921
Madison, WI 53707

Rhinelander Station
107 Sutliff Ave
Rhinelander, WI 54501