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Local Authority and Management Responsibility

Emerald Ash Borer Community Toolbox

In addition to having a good tree ordinance, a nuisance ordinance enables communities to enforce issues related to trees and public safety. A few examples are listed below. Review these guidelines for writing tree ordinances [PDF exit DNR] before getting started.

Contact your local DNR Urban Forestry Staff for additional and more specific community tree ordinances. Please also consult your legal advisor on any matters relating to implementing your own ordinances.

Sample ordinances

No endorsement is implied. The following ordinances are meant to be used as examples, are intended to assist units of government in enacting their own ordinances and are only advisory.

  • Stevens Point, WI [PDF exit DNR]
    Comprehensive tree ordinance, which includes more detail.
  • Fond du Lac, WI [exit DNR]
    Nuisance ordinance, chapter 476-9. Includes hazards that affect PRIVATE property as well as public.
  • Green Bay, WI [exit DNR]
    View nuisance section 25.21(5). All hazards are covered affecting public property: vision/sign impairment, disease or insect (non-specific). The nuisance section is part of comprehensive ordinance.

Preparing a written EAB plan

An EAB plan provides direction for ash management, helping minimize the disruption and effect of emerald ash borer. A few examples of EAB plans are listed below. Review these guidelines for emerald ash borer (EAB) management plans [PDF] before getting started.

Contact your local DNR Urban Forestry Staff for additional examples and assistance.

Sample plans

No endorsement is implied.


One of the most important aspects of preparing for or dealing with an emerald ash borer infestation at the municipal level is making sure that all affected persons, including administrators, team members and members of the public, are kept informed and have access to needed resources. Below are examples of resources on which you may wish to model your own outreach efforts.

Press release examples

Getting timely information out once EAB is found in a community is critical. The process often begins with the first press release.

Below are some examples you can use for guidance. They all contain similar information but are written in varying styles.

Community websites

Most people will immediately go to municipal websites for information as soon as EAB is confirmed in their communities. You can save your staff a lot of time and the public a lot of frustration by having a well-organized, up-to-date site that addresses frequent questions and issues. Make sure the website is kept up-to-date and includes a current list of contacts and resources for community members.

Below are examples of EAB sections of municipal websites that serve their communities well.

Outreach materials

The outreach materials below can be used as-is or tailored to your community’s needs. Be sure to credit the developers when possible.