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Endangered Resources Review

An Endangered Resources Review (ER Review) is a screening of a proposed project area for potential impacts on endangered resources like rare plants, animals and natural communities. They are conducted for various land management, development and planning projects. A general rule of thumb is any land or water-disturbing project should be reviewed for impacts on rare species.

The ER Review will ensure that the project complies with state law. If the project has a federal nexus, then completing the IPaC process will ensure the project complies with the federal ESA. The IPaC process must be completed by the federal action agency or their legally designated representative.

Projects that don't need a review

You don't need a review if:

  1. Your project is covered by the Broad Incidental Take Permit/Authorization for no or low-impact activities; or
  2. Your Preliminary Assessment from the Public Portal returns a result of "no actions required/recommended."

How to get a review

Choose from one of these options:

  • Request a standard review from the ER Review Program by submitting an Endangered Resources Review Request. Submit an NHI Public Portal ER Preliminary Assessment printout with your review request. Please read "What is an ER Preliminary Assessment and What do the results mean?” on the public portal website to see if a formal review is required.
    • Note that the turnaround time for standard reviews is usually 15 business days or less.
  • Request an expedited review from the ER Review Program.
  • Request a review from a certified reviewer [PDF].

Warning: Many current browsers do not open PDF forms or allow them to be saved or submitted.

  1. From a desktop computer, download the PDF form (right-click on the link, then select "Save link as" or "Save target as")
  2. Make a note of the file location and file name so you can access the file from your device.
  3. Do not double-click the file. Open the Adobe Reader software, select "File > "Open" and then browse to the PDF file you saved on your device. See PDF Help for additional information.


The minimum fee for a standard ER Review is $75, which covers one hour of staff time to complete the ER Review. Each additional hour required to complete the ER Review is $75 (per NR 29, Wis. Adm. Code). Please do not send payment with your ER Review request form; you will be invoiced upon completion of the review. Note: We make every effort to provide ER Reviews to you in a prompt and timely manner. However, please be aware that you are not exempt from compliance with state and federal endangered species laws if we cannot respond within your project's specific time frame. We strongly encourage ER consultation early in the project planning stage to allow adequate time to identify and address any potential impacts on endangered resources. Most reviews are completed within an hour. 

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