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NHI Data is available for use in two different ways: Authorized Users can use the data for initial project screening and planning purposes, and Certified Reviewers are able to write Proposed ER Reviews. Both options involve training in order to access NHI Data and an NHI Data Sharing License must also be in place. More information is included below.


Authorized User training is intended to provide comprehensive information about the access, use, interpretation, application and security of NHI data. Authorized Users are not able to use NHI data to review proposed projects for potential impacts to endangered resources. Examples of how Authorized Users could use the NHI data include: research and education projects, creating maps, conducting broad-scale conservation planning, and conducting field surveys for rare species and habitats.

In order to access detailed NHI data, Authorized Users are required to take the online NHI training and retake it every five years. Trainees should initiate the NHI data-sharing license agreement process prior to registering for NHI training. For an individual to qualify as an Authorized User, they must complete this training series and pass a 25-question multiple-choice/true-or-false exam.

Certified Reviewers

Certified reviewers are able to write preliminary ER Review letters detailing how rare species may be impacted by a proposed project. The letter includes requirements and recommendations to help projects comply with State and Federal endangered species laws. For more information on the Certification Program and how to register for the training, visit the Certification program website.


In order to register for the Authorized User training, please email the following information to

  1. First and Last Name
  2. Job Title
  3. Organization
  4. Office Location (City, State)
  5. your reason for taking the training

DNR Staff – visit the NHI Portal sign-in page for information on internal NHI Training opportunities.