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Natural Heritage Inventory

Tools for accessing data

The Natural Heritage Inventory database is Wisconsin's most comprehensive source of rare species data. The data are used for various purposes, including research, land management, DNR property planning, community planning, conservation planning and review of public and private activities across the state. There are several ways to access the information, depending on your needs.

Some of the tools are appropriate for general planning and assessment purposes only. They should not be used for screening or reviewing a proposed land development or land management project for potential impacts on endangered resources. These reviews must be conducted or approved by the department. Don't hesitate to contact the ER Review Program for information about whether a proposed project may impact rare species or other sensitive resources.

County tool

*For general planning and assessment purposes only. Data is updated monthly.

The county tool lists all of the rare species and natural features on the Natural Heritage Working List that have been documented in each county, along with Bald Eagle records.

Township tool

*For general planning and assessment purposes only. Data is updated monthly.

This tool can explore rare species, natural features, and Bald Eagle nests documented in a given township. Sensitive species occurrences have been omitted from this tool because their locations are only available to the public at the county level.

Public Portal

*For general planning and assessment purposes only.

Online mapping application for landowners planning on-the-ground projects to learn if their project may impact endangered resources.

Detailed NHI data

Location-specific Natural Heritage Inventory data. Learn about various options that may be available for you and the associated fees and training requirements.