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Incidental Take Permit/Authorization (ITP/A)

Endangered Resources Review

Thumbnail of the incidental take flyer
For more information about incidental take, read this flyer [PDF].

The department can allow incidental take of endangered or threatened species under certain circumstances through an Incidental Take Permit (used by non-state agencies and individuals) or an Incidental Take Authorization (used by state agencies).

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Individual ITP/A

If you’ve received an ER Review and need to apply for the allowance of incidental take, please complete the Incidental Take Permit/Authorization Application.

Individual ITP/A

Broad Incidental Take Permits/Authorizations

A Broad Incidental Take Permit/Authorization (BITP/A) can be created for specific scenarios so that neither an application nor a permit fee are required (although minimization, mitigation and/or reporting may still be required).

List of available permits/authorizations below.

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