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Citizen-Based Monitoring

Volunteers are an integral part of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources approach to monitoring hundreds of species and habitats in forests, grasslands, wetlands, lakes, rivers and streams throughout the state. This public involvement, called citizen-based monitoring, leads to high-quality scientific data, offers rewarding and educational outdoor opportunities for volunteers and promotes information sharing and collaborations between members of the public and the DNR. Working together, we can better inform natural resource management and conservation.

Citizen-based monitoring projects are active in every county in the state, with volunteer opportunities available for everyone, regardless of initial skill level, science or nature experience or time availability. No matter who you are or where you are in Wisconsin, you can contribute to the management of our precious aquatic and terrestrial natural resources.

DNR and partner projects


Wisconsin Citizen-Based Monitoring Network

The Wisconsin DNR is a proud partner in the Wisconsin Citizen-Based Monitoring Network, a collaboration of monitoring projects and organizations. The network offers communications, resources and recognition to improve the effectiveness of monitoring efforts throughout the state. To learn more about the Wisconsin Citizen-Based Monitoring Network, its partners and the resources it offers, visit the Citizen-Based Monitoring Network website [exit DNR].

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