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How you can help

Karner blue butterfly

There are many opportunities for citizens to support the conservation of the Karner blue and its habitat. You can help recover and protect this species in a variety of ways from volunteering to restoring habitat on your own property.


Karner blue butterfly survey
Join our Citizen-based Monitoring group to help Karner blue butterflies in Wisconsin. You will receive free training, and you will have the chance to get outdoors and look for this beautiful native Wisconsin species. For more information, check out our volunteer webpage [exit DNR].

Landowner partnerships

The Wisconsin Karner Blue Butterfly Habitat Conservation Plan is unique in its approach to promoting conservation by small, private landowners. Wisconsin landowners are largely free from regulation as long as they do not purposefully harm the Karner blue or its habitat. This approach was designed to promote conservation by removing the fear and burden of government regulation from small landowners.

Additional landowner resources