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WPDES Permits on Public Notice

Public notices are required by law to alert interested members of the public of the DNR's intention to authorize a Wisconsin Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (WPDES) discharge to a water of the state. The notices are posted here on the DNR website for 30 days and are also published once in the legal notices section of the local newspaper in the vicinity of the facility. The notice identifies the facility by name, indicates where the discharge is located and briefly describes the facility's activities.

Public comments procedure

The public notice document explains how to get more information or comment on the proposed permit action. A member of the public may submit written comments or request that the department hold a public informational hearing. For comments or requests to be timely, they must be submitted within 30 days from the date of public notice, unless otherwise indicated in the notice.

Public participation procedures are detailed in NR 203, Wis. Adm. Code [PDF exit DNR].

Permit issuance process

The process the DNR follows in issuing WPDES wastewater permits is explained in the overview of the WPDES wastewater permit process. Permits are not considered final and issued until they have been signed and dated by appropriate DNR staff. Final copies of WPDES wastewater permits are not available from the DNR website. Please contact the permit drafter indicated in the notice directly to obtain a copy of a final (issued) permit. Copies of permit applications can also be obtained by contacting the permit drafter.

Proposed permit documents

To view a public notice, click on the date link in the "Public Notice Date" column. The proposed permit can be downloaded by clicking on the link in the "Permit Number" column. Other supporting documents, when available, are also provided. These may include the Fact Sheet, Water Quality Based Effluent Limits (WQBEL) Memo, compliance determination, facility diagram, variance documentation (if applicable) and other documents, depending on the permit action being taken and type of discharge.

All documents are in PDF format.

Permittee Permit Number [PDF] County Public Notice Date [PDF] Permit Action Supporting Documents [PDF]
Tinedale Farms WI-0058947-05-0 Brown January 15, 2020 nutrient management plan and reissuance
Freedom SD #1 WI-0020842-09-1 Outagamie January 15, 2020 modification
Storm Water Industrial Discharge:
Tier 1 Industrial Facilities
WI-S067849-5 (Replaces WI-S067849-4) Statewide January 13, 2021 reissuance
Storm Water Industrial Discharge:
Tier 2 Industrial Facilities
WI-S067857-5 (Replaces WI-S067857-4) Statewide January 13, 2021 reissuance
Jon De Dairy WI-0058408-05-0 St. Croix January 13, 2021 nutrient management plan and reissuance
Albany WI-0021199-10-0 Green December 30, 2020 reissuance
South Milwaukee WI-0028819-09-0 Milwaukee December 29, 2020 reissuance
Kinnard Farms WI-0059536-04-1 Kewaunee December 28, 2020 informational hearing and modification
Hawkins WI-0024201-10-1 Rusk December 24, 2020 modification
Racine Wastewater Utility WI-0025194-09-1 Racine December 23, 2020 modification
Buresh Farms WI-0066630-01-0 Kewaunee December 23, 2020 nutrient management plan and issuance
Superior Fresh WI-0065200-01-1 Jackson December 23, 2020 modification
Casco WI-0023566-08-2 Kewaunee December 21, 2020 modification
Town of Beloit WI-0026930-09-1 Rock December 21, 2020 modification


Johnson Hill Farm LLC WI-0065111-02-0 Manitowoc December 17, 2020 nutrient management plan and reissuance
Lime Ridge WI-0036447-07-0 Sauk December 10, 2020 informational hearing and reissuance
Maple Grove Estates Sanitary District WI-0036552-06-0 La Crosse December 9, 2020 informational hearing and reissuance
Baraboo WI-0020605-10-0 Sauk November 19, 2020 informational hearing and reissuance
Village of Cashton WI-0020915-11-0 Monroe November 18, 2020 informational hearing and reissuance