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7/6/21 COVID-19 UPDATE: 

Thank you for your patience during the COVID-19 public health emergency. As staff at state agencies return to state office buildings, we anticipate operations will begin to resemble pre-pandemic conditions. However, we will continue to utilize online or virtual business practices that were found to be efficient over the past year.

Field work, including compliance inspections, continue to take place but you may notice an uptick in activity as conditions allow. In most cases, staff will continue to schedule pre-inspection calls with facilities to gather some of the information that would previously have been collected while on-site. These advance calls will also be used to discuss safety protocols for on-site visits that may be needed to complete all aspects of a compliance assessment.

Staff will keep their voicemails and availability messages up to date and will respond as they are able.

For the most up-to-date information, please visit our COVID-19 information webpage.

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COVID-19 Resources: 

The DNR regulates municipal and industrial operations discharging wastewater to surface water or groundwater through the Wisconsin Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (WPDES) permit program. Plans for wastewater treatment facilities must be reviewed and approved by the DNR. State law requires DNR review of municipal and industrial treatment plant construction plans as well as related monitoring systems and groundwater monitoring wells.


A listing of Wisconsin Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (WPDES) permits.

Public Notices

Review the latest WPDES discharge public notices. Notices are posted on the DNR website for 30 days.


Access the Wastewater program’s most frequently requested municipal and industrial discharge materials.

Operator Certification

Do you operate a wastewater treatment plant? Find training opportunities and certification and licensing information.