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Municipal storm water permits

More than two hundred municipalities in Wisconsin that include cities, villages, towns and counties within urbanized areas are required to have Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permits under NR 216, Wis. Adm. Code [exit DNR]. Use the links below to find out who is affected, how municipalities comply with permit requirements, and technical assistance documents. Learn more about storm water runoff.

Bioswales capture runoff for infiltration
Bioswales capture runoff for infiltration (DNR photo)
  • Permit overview
    Municipal permit program information
  • Find permit information
    Look up municipal permittees
  • Publications/technical guidance
    Obtain technical guidance on storm water management planning and practices, and find guidance on grass swales and rain gardens
  • Standards/models
    Find information on technical standards for management practices, SLAMM model, P8 Model, MS4 modeling guidance and West Nile Virus concerns with storm water management
  • Presentations
    View presentations from past workshops on municipal storm water management
  • Grants
    Learn about grants to municipalities for planning and constructing storm water projects and download application materials
  • MS4 eReporting
    Municipal permittees are required to submit an annual/biennial reports and permit compliance documents to the DNR to document progress and compliance with the permit requirements.
  • Whose Pond is it Anyway?