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Municipal storm water presentations and fact sheets

These presentations and fact sheets contain information for municipalities on MS4 storm water permit requirements, storm water management program implementation, technical standards, compliance evaluation and financing.

DNR storm water management program powerpoints

View powerpoint presentations prepared by DNR Runoff Management Section staff on erosion control storm water management and post–construction storm water management at Storm water practices presentations and information.

MS4 program updates

US EPA webcast seminars

View these archived webcast seminars on the following storm water topics of interest to municipalities on US EPA web sites. The webcasts are available on–line, and some may also be downloaded as MP4 audio/video files. Exit the DNR web site to access these seminars.


Public education and involvement

Illicit discharge detection and elimination

Municipal programs for construction site permitting

Pollution prevention/good housekeeping

Compliance and financing

US EPA watershed academy webcast seminars

The US EPA Watershed Academy web site offers a variety of self–paced training modules and webcast seminars that represent a basic and broad introduction to the watershed management field and storm water management issues. Exit the DNR web site to access these seminars.

US EPA fact sheets

Download these fact sheets in PDF format on key storm water program issues from the US EPA web sites. Exit the DNR web site to access these fact sheets:

Stormwater manager’s resource center

The Stormwater Manager’s Resource Center (SMRC) web site, made possible through a grant from United State Environmental Protection Agency, is managed and published by the Center for Watershed Protection, Inc. The SMRC web site contains slide shows containing descriptive graphic presentations on important aspects of storm water management with an emphasis on storm water treatment practices.

Other information