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Publications on shoreland management

Safeguarding our shorelands

Laws and regulations

Publication number Publication information
Chapter NR 115 [PDF exit DNR] Wisconsin's Shoreland Management Program. Wisconsin Administrative Code.
Chapter NR 116 [PDF exit DNR] Wisconsin´s Floodplain Management Program. Wisconsin Administrative Code.
Chapter NR 117 [PDF exit DNR] Wisconsin´s City and Village Shoreland-Wetland Protection Program. Wisconsin Administrative Code.
Chapter NR 118 [PDF exit DNR] Standards and Criteria for the Lower St. Croix National Scenic Riverway. Wisconsin Administrative Code.

Shoreland Stewardship Series

Publication number Publication information
ER-698 [PDF] Native plant nurseries in Wisconsin. DNR/UWEX.
ER-699 [PDF] Restoration consultants in Wisconsin. DNR/UWEX.
FH-429-2003 [PDF] A Fresh Look at Shoreland Restoration. DNR/UWEX.
WT-748-2003 [PDF] Protecting and Restoring Shorelands. DNR/UWEX.
WT-764-2003 [PDF] Protecting Our Living Shores. DNR/UWEX.

Shoreland management practices

Publication number Publication information
FH-428-2004 [PDF] The Water's Edge: Helping fish and wildlife on your waterfront property. DNR.
WT-776-2003 [PDF] Rain Gardens: A how-to manual for homeowners. DNR.
WT-723-2001 [PDF] Managing Wisconsin's Forested Shorelands - A Landowner's Guide. DNR.
FH-231-2000 [PDF] Sensible Shoreland Lighting. DNR.
No Pub Number [PDF] Owning Waterfront Property: A Checklist. Wisconsin Environmental Initiative. January 2000.
FR-349-1995 [PDF] Forestry Best Management Practices for Water Quality. DNR.

Resource issues

Publication number Publication information
No Pub Number [PDF] Lake Classification Fact Sheet Series. Wisconsin Lakes Partnership. February 1999.
WT-505-1997 [PDF] Effectiveness of Shoreland Zoning Standards to Meet Statutory Objectives: A Literature Review with Policy Implications.
WT-508-1997 [PDF] Shoreland Management Program Assessment.
WT-507-1997 [PDF] Shoreland Management Program Assessment Appendixes and Index.


Publication number Publication information
DNR Series Floodplain and Shoreland Management Notes.