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Publications on shoreland management

Safeguarding our shorelands

Laws and regulations

Publication number Publication information
Chapter NR 115 Wisconsin's Shoreland Management Program. Wisconsin Administrative Code.
Chapter NR 116 Wisconsin's Floodplain Management Program. Wisconsin Administrative Code.
Chapter NR 117 Wisconsin's City and Village Shoreland-Wetland Protection Program. Wisconsin Administrative Code.
Chapter NR 118 Standards and Criteria for the Lower St. Croix National Scenic Riverway. Wisconsin Administrative Code.

Shoreland Stewardship Series

Publication number Publication information
NH-698 Wisconsin Native plant nurseries.
NH-699 Wisconsin Restoration Consultants.
FH-429-2003 A Fresh Look at Shoreland Restoration. DNR/UWEX.
WT-748-2003 Protecting and Restoring Shorelands. DNR/UWEX.
WT-764-2003 Protecting Our Living Shores. DNR/UWEX.

Shoreland management practices

Publication number Publication information
FH-428-2004 The Water's Edge: Helping fish and wildlife on your waterfront property. DNR.
WT-776-2003 Rain Gardens: A how-to manual for homeowners. DNR.
WT-723-2001 Managing Wisconsin's Forested Shorelands - A Landowner's Guide. DNR.
FH-231-2000 Sensible Shoreland Lighting. DNR.
No Pub Number Owning Waterfront Property: A Checklist. Wisconsin Environmental Initiative. January 2000.
FR-349-1995 Forestry Best Management Practices for Water Quality. DNR.

Resource issues

Publication number Publication information
No Pub Number Lake Classification Fact Sheet Series. Wisconsin Lakes Partnership. February 1999.
WT-505-1997 Effectiveness of Shoreland Zoning Standards to Meet Statutory Objectives: A Literature Review with Policy Implications.
WT-508-1997 Shoreland Management Program Assessment.
WT-507-1997 Shoreland Management Program Assessment Appendixes and Index.


Publication number Publication information
DNR Series Floodplain and Shoreland Management Notes.