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Floodplain shoreland management notes

To stay in touch with what's going on in the Wisconsin Floodplain Program, subscribe to Floodplain and Shoreland Management Notes. Floodplain and Shoreland Management Notes is an electronic newsletter highlighting updates and information for zoning administrators, consultants and other interested parties.

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Previous issues of the Floodplain Shoreland Management Notes newsletter are available here.

Date Topics
September 2023 Flood Inundation Prediction Tool, Flash Flooding, Community Flood Awareness, FEMA RiskMAP Status by County, meet new DNR NFIP Coordinator
June 2023 NWS River Forecast, Zoning Training, Flood Insurance Infographic, DNR 3rd Party Waterway Determination Service.
February 2023 Wisconsin Spring Flood Outlook, Letter of Map Change (LOMC) Notifications, Navigability and Ordinary High Water Mark Determination Training Video, Community Rating System Factsheet, Flood Insurance Week 2/6-12, FEMA's Elevation Certificate, USACE Flood Risk Management RFP, Floodplain Zoning 3-Part Webinar, Letter of Final Determination (LFD) Estimated Dates.
December 2022 Floodplain Ordinance: Certificate of Compliance, Floodplain Zoning and Hazard Mitigation story maps, WDNR Shoreland Zoning contacts and processes for ordinance updates and variance/rezoning/conditional use permits and special exception permits, February Save the Date for Zoning Leadership Workshops.

August 2022

Shoreland Zoning Team updates, The value of Shoreland Zoning, Meet the new regional Water Management Engineers, Upcoming course on Managing Floodplain Development, Webinar series on Flood Insurance and new NFIP Pricing, ASFPM's Reduce Flood Risk website, FEMA's virtual Flood Insurance office hours

December 2021

Disaster Recovery Reform Action Section 1206, Municipal Flood Control Grant application period, Risk Rating 2.0, Future Floodplain Management training, WDNR Staff update
September 2021 FEMA Offers HMA Grant Opportunities and Education, Substantial Damage Inspections, Quick Guide - Wisconsin Floodplain Management, Future Floodplain Management Training
March 2021 How to Regulate Zone AE Floodplains with No Floodway Delineated, Surface Water Data Viewer Updates, What Can 1 Inch of Water Do?, Planning and Zoning Webinars, Registration for 2021 ASFPM Virtual Conference
December 2020 Siting Standards for Critical Facilities, LOMA Based on Fill Community Acknowledgement Form Part 2, Flood Frequency of Wisconsin Streams Update, Meet New Floodplain Staff

June 2020

Intro to the NFIP, Recent ASFPM Reports, Urban Flooding, LOMR-F Community Acknowledgement Form, Be Flood Ready, New Dam Safety and Floodplain Staff, Training Opportunities

March 2020

Record Precipitation in 2019, Effects of Act 175, Great Lakes Water Levels and Flood Insurance, 2020 Disaster Declaration, Floodplain Management Quick Guide, FEMA Elevation Certificate, Urban Flooding Report, What the Flood! Quiz
November 2019 Flood Survivor Story, Buying Flood Insurance, Spring Flood Season, Flood Inundation Tool, Municipal Flood Control Grant, Retirements and New Staff, Training Opportunities
August 2019 Flood Insurance Campaign, Critical Facilities and Higher Floodplain Standards, Hazard Mitigation Goals, Fording Flood Waters Forum, DNR Returns to State Fair
June 2019 Do you live near water? Is my property located in or near a floodplain? Municipal Flood Control Grant Program. Ordinary High Water Mark and Navigability Training.
March 2019 Substantially Damaged, Flood Smart This Spring, Flood Insurance Myths Community Rating System, Training Opportunities, Contact Information.
Spring 2018, Vol. 17, No. 2 CRS Success, Retirements, Around the State News, Training Opportunities, New York City Flood Story
Winter 2017, Vol. 17, No. 1 Disaster Assistance, Mitigation reduced Damages, Award Winners, Flood Insurance, Training Opportunities, Floodplain Management, Flooding Information, and the ASFPM Conference
Winter 2017, Vol. 16, No. 2 Check Wells After Flooding, Retaining Walls-Shoreland, Wisconsin Hazard Mitigation Plan Featured, Flood Claim Appeals, Training Opportunities, Substantially Damaged, Dam Safety, Ordinance Amendments, and Lake Michigan Work Maps
Winter 2017, Vol. 16, No. 1 Ice Jams and Flooding, 2017 CRS Manual, Mitigation Leads to Economic Recovery, Letters Sent to Flood Policy Holders, and Training Opportunities
Fall 2016, Vol. 15, No. 3 Shoreland Update, Flood Mitigation Assistance, Mitigation Prevents Road Damage, New DNR Staff, WAFSCM Conference
Summer 2016, Vol. 15, No. 2> Act 391 - Shoreland, NFIP Terminology, High Water Marks, ADA Shoreland, Stretch your Thinking, Ord Adoption, Process, Variance Forms, Shoreland Videos, Training, NFIP Grandfathering
Spring 2016, Vol. 15, No. 1 Shoreland Team Update, Shoreland-Wetland Zoning, Substantially Damaged, Floodplain Model Ordinance, FEMA TMAC, Stretch Your Thinking, FEMA Tutorials, Inundation Mapping, Training, Septic Systems, WAFSCM
Fall 2015, Vol. 14, No. 3 New Customer Assistance App, Act 55 and the Implication for Shoreland Zoning, Rock River Flood Inundations Maps, Risk MAP Fall 2015 Update, Current Letters of Final Determination, DNR Announces Changes to the Municipal Flood Control Grant Program, New Flood Insurance Changes Coming, Implementing the Community Rating System (CRS), Wisconsin Training Opportunities, FEMA Fact Sheet: Elevation Certificates
Summer 2015, Vol. 14, No. 2 Gary Heinrichs Retires, New Technical Assistance Application, New Floodplain Guidance, Class 2 Notice Process, Insurance Update, Community Rating System, Mapping Update, Zoning Challenge, Training Opportunities, DNR Staff Changes, WAFSCM Application
Winter 2015, Vol. 14, No. 1 Transition to Atlas 14, new LOMCs Fees, Projected LFDs, Ordinance Update Requirements, Zoning Challenge, Training, DNR Staff Changes, WME Contact Map, WAFSCM Application
Fall 2014, Vol. 13, No. 3 ReFresh Milwaukee, Updating Your Floodplain Ordinance, WAFSCM, Zoning Challenge, Mapping Update, DNR Staff Changes, Training, Dam Failure/Flood Response Contact Map, WAFSC Application.
Summer 2014, Vol. 13, No. 2 National Disaster Recovery Framework, Floodplain Penalties, MSC Update, WAFSCM, Zoning Challenge, Mapping Update, DNR Staff Changes, Training, WAFSCM Application.
Winter 2014, Vol. 13, No. 1 National Weather Service Atlas 14, Precipitation Outlook, SRIA 2013, Soldiers Grove, FEMA RiskMAP Update, Zoning Challenge, Mapping Update, Training, DNR Staff Changes, DNR Staff by County Map, WAFSCM Application.
Fall 2013, Vol. 12, No. 3 Precipitation Outlook, Zoning Challenge, National Flood Hazard Layer, Mapping Update, DNR Staff Changes, Workshops/Conferences, Workshops/Conferences, DNR Staff by County, WAFSCM Application.
Summer 2013, Vol. 12, No. 2 Spring Flooding, Zoning Challenge, Mapping Update, Workshops/Conferences, Floodplain Management Workshops, WAFSCM Application.
Winter 2013, Vol. 12, No. 1 LOMAs in A Zones, On-Line Permit System, Spring Flooding Outlook, Mitigation Success Story, NFIP Reform, Zoning Challenge, Mapping Update, Workshops/Conferences, Dam Safety Workshops, WAFSCM Application
Fall 2012, Vol. 11, No. 3 How Much Fill Do I Need?; Economic impact studies done for phosphorus, shoreland zoning rules; New LOMA Guidance; NFIP Reform 2012; ESA Contact Information; Zoning Challenge; Mapping Update; Workshops/Conferences; WAFSCM Application
Summer 2012, Vol. 11, No. 2 Everyone Lives in a Floodplain, Dam Failure Analyses and Ordinances, ESA and LOMCs, Mapping Update, Zoning Challenge, Staff Changes, Workshops, WAFSCM Application
Winter 2012, Vol. 11 No. 1 Model Ordinance updated, Flood Safety Awareness Week, Grants, Flood Insurance, Mitigation in Action, Mapping update, Zoning Challenge, WAFSCM Application
Fall 2011, Vol. 10 No. 3 Floodplain Management: Technical Bulletins, Shoreland FAQ, Mapping Update, Staff Changes, WAFSCM Application
Summer 2011, Vol. 10 No. 2 Floodplain Management: Non–Compliance, Community Rating System Updates, Top Ten Changes Proposed for the 2012 CRS Coordinator's Manual, DNR Website, for Mapping Status, Current Letters of Final Determination, Municipal Dam Grant Program, Dam Removal Grant Program
Winter 2011, Vol. 10 No. 1 Floodplain Management: That’s Not My Zone, Flood Insurance, Preferred Risk Policies, Flooding Safety Tips, Emergency Action Plans, Emergency Notification Process for Dams, Dams and Floodplain Zoning, Mapping Status, Staffing Changes, Conferences/Workshops
Newsletter Fall 2010, Vol. 9 No. 3 Floodplain Management: What's Your Zone, Substantial Damage, Preferred Risk Policies, Dam Safety Seminars, Mapping Status, Open Houses, Staffing/Conferences
Summer 2010, Vol. 9 No. 2 Floodplain Management: Tools of the Trade, Workload Reduction, LOMA–OAS, Dam Inspection Update, Hiring a Consultant, Mapping Update, HMA Program, Map Status, Staffing/Conferences
Winter 2010, Vol. 9 No. 1 Floodplain management: Who's in charge, Shoreland update, Mitigation update, Floodplain development basics, Floodplain insurance basics, Map modernization, Training/conferences
Fall 2009, Vol. 8 No. 3 October 2009 NFIP changes, Municipal flood grants, NR 115 update, Map modernization, Training/conferences
Summer 2009, Vol. 8 No. 2 Floodplain maps and flood insurance, HMGP update, Community rating system, NRCS floodplain easements, WAFSCM membership application, Map modernization, Staff changes, Training/conferences
Winter 2008/9, Vol. 8 No. 1 Smart growth implementation assistance, Permitting infrastructure, Floodplain development FAQs, Spring flooding – homeowners, Spring flooding – dam owners, Map modernization, Staff changes, Training/conferences
Fall 2008, Vol. 7 No. 3 Map modernization: the preliminary FIRM phase, WAFSCM, DNR water management contacts, Map modernization, Staff changes, Training/conferences
Summer 2008, Vol. 7 No. 2 Lake Delton, NR 115 update, Dam safety/Floodplain team, Substantial damage, Dams, floodplains and zoning, June 2008 floods, Map modernization, Staff changes, Training/conferences
Winter 2008, Vol. 7 No. 1 Letters of Final Determination and Ordinance Adoption, NR 115 update, DNR Shoreland Stewardship Awards, FAQ NR 115, Why not flood insurance, Spring flooding – homeowners, Spring flooding – dam owners, Map modernization, Staff changes, Training/conferences
Fall 2007, Vol. 6 No. 3 Communities responsible for inspecting flood damaged structures, Flood insurance, Flood mitigation funds, Staff changes, Conferences
Summer 2007, Vol. 6 No. 2 NR 115 Public Hearings Scheduled, FEMA’s technical bulletins, APA news, Map modernization, Staff changes, Conferences, New publications
Winter 2007, Vol. 6 No. 1 Accessory structures in the SFHA, Mitigation update, New elevation certificate, Floodplain zoning ordinance update, Map modernization, Conferences, Staff changes
Summer 2006 NR 115 Update, Caveat emptor exemplified, Allocation of citation monies, Map modernization, WAFSCM annual conference, US Supreme Court wetlands decision, Staff changes, Upcoming events
Winter 2006 Non–flood Damage and the 50% Rule, Hazard Mitigation Planning, Q/A on Flood Zone Determinations, Flooded Septic Systems, Water Dependent Structures, NR 115 Update, Staff Changes
Fall 2005 Comments on Katrina, NR 115 Update, NR 326 Update – Piers, WAPA Legal Update, Map Modernization
Summer 2005 Proposed NR 115 Standards Released, Model Ordinance Update, NR 118 Update, Report Finds Forestry Operations Protect Water Quality, Updated Guidebook for Local Officials, NE Regional Office Moves, State Hazard Mitigation Plan Approved, Hillis Decision Reviewed, ASFPM Conference, The Language of Conservation
Winter 2005 Change in DNR Engineering Review of Floodplain Projects, Practice Better Staff Reports, FEMA Assigns Staff to Madison, How to Regulate Land–Based Houseboats, Understanding the Hazard Mitigation Planning Process, Public Hearing Phase to Begin in NR 115 Rule Revision Effort, Fighting Floods, Saving Property, Protecting Lives
Fall 2004 Wisconsin Supreme Court Distinguishes Between Area and Use Variances, NR 118 for the Lower Saint Croix Riverway Approved, Substantial Damage Update, Jefferson County Reduced Flood Damages with Mitigation Grant, Next Round of Flood Control Grants Slated, Updated Guidebook for Local Officials, Model Floodplain Ordinance Update, Temporary Rules Adopted for Chapter 30, Review Continues on Shoreland Management Program, Lake Study Says to "Leave the Dead", Who’s Who in the DSFSM Section
Fall 2003 New Floodplain Model Ordinance, NR 115 Listening Sessions, Nonconforming Lot Issues, WAFSCM Conference, After the Fact Variances and Enforcement of Violations, Protecting Property from Flooding, Shoreland Stewardship Series, NR 118 Revision Status
Summer 2003 Advisory Committee Reviews Nonconforming Issues, TN Mandates Training for Planning Commissioners & BOAs, Authority to Regulate Nonconforming Structures, Model Floodplain Ordinance Workshops, Clarity in Zoning Ordinances, Court Decision Upholds Variance Criteria, Flooding Concerns, Flood Insurance
December 2002 Shoreland Program Review, Flood Control Grants, Urban Storm Water, Water Resources, 50 percent rule, Non-flood Disasters in Floodplains, Multi–Hazard Mapping Site
September 2002 Rivers Conference Planned, WAFSCM Conference, "No Reasonable Use" standard, Pollution on the Little Menomonee River, Heat, pollutants affect rainfall, Flood Insurance, NFDA web site, Summit County, Ohio restricts stream bank development
May 2002> FIRMS in Local Ordinances, News from FEMA, Zoning Case Law Summary, Floodplain Map Modernization, Floodplain Mapping for Comprehensive Planning, Greenway Design Grants, Minnesota, Annexation Advice, City–County Collaborations on Disaster Mitigation, Dam Safety Map, MMSD, WAFSCM, Grant Awards, Web Resources, DNR Shoreland Buffer Projects
October 2001 Municipal Flood Control Grant Program, Substantial Damage, WI Flood Mitigation Projects, Huntoon Case, MMSD, New Employee, National Flood Determination Association
May 2001 Flood Mitigation, Wisconsin’s Floodplain Properties, Watershed Placemats, Guidance on Agricultural Structures, Pennsylvania, Web Page changes, Takings Compensation in Federal Case, CA Smart Growth, NC Hazard Mitigation Planning Initiative, Jet Skis Banned, Flood Insurance Policy Rating
September 1999 Mitigation Status, New Employee, 10 Counties Receive Disaster Declaration, Dam Safety Joins Newsletter, Digital Flood Data Help, Y2K, FEMA Elevation Certificate
June 1998 Shoreline Protection Rules, Guidance on Nonconforming Structures, FEMA/Wisconsin Differences, Mitigation at FEMA Meeting, Hazard Mitigation Grant, Stormwater Management
August 1997 NFIP Issue, ICC Coverage, Insurance Reform, Flood Determination Review Request, LOMA Voicemail and Information Hotline
November 1996 Flood Zone Determination Companies Guide, Legal Issues for Zoning Boards, Proposed Mitigation Insurance, Effects of Government Actions on Landowners, Flood Relief, Flood Definition, Insurance
August 1996 Basement Exemption Bill Signed, Non–Conforming Properties, Cover America Campaign, FEMA Reference, Waiting Period Exceptions for Flood Insurance, FEMA Spring Meeting News, BOA Findings, Flood Hazard Determination Review Request Process
May 1996 Flood Zone Determinations Liability, State Land Use Report Recommendations, FEMA News, Exemptions for State–Sponsored Wetland Projects, Shoreland Zoning Study
January 1996 DNR Reorg, Dam Safety Seminars, Flood Insurance Rates to Rise, Fannie Mae Flood Insurance Rules, Zealy v. Waukesha, Appeals Case in Hager City, Flood Damage, EMI Classes
November 1995 Q & A about Standard Flood Hazard Determination Form, Basements in the Floodplain, NFIP and the Regional Flood Elevation
August 1995 Floodplain Camping Rule Hearings Set, DNR Reorg, DNR Land Use Report, Shoreland Annexation Statute Revisions, Partnerships in Mitigation, Midwest Mitigation Efforts, Wolf River Floodway Case
May 1995 Flood Insurance Reform Act Passes, Preserving Benchmarks, Buyouts, Levee Vandal, Ozaukee Co. Board Denies Floodway Development, Submit to Rate Process, Orange County Lawsuit, Flood Myths
November 1994 Campers in Floodway Areas, Attached Garages, Crop Insurance, Wisconsin Flood Video, Ten Commandments of Floodplain Management, NFIP/CRS New Short Form Application, NPS providing Mitigation Assistance
August 1994 Land Boom Continues, Federal Subsidies Hurting Wetlands, NFIP Unveils New Rating Service, Amending Ordinances, CRP Debate, NFIP: A Public–Private Partnership, Land Use Appeals
June 1994 Senate approves NFI reform, Flood Mitigation Project Update, Hazard Mitigation plans, Extension offers Disaster Management Program, Obscure Laws of Zoning, Development Impact Fee Legislation, Courthouse Corner
February 1994 Floods of 1993, FEMA hears states on Floodplain Management, New vertical datums proposed, Floodplain Legislation Declared Unconstitutional, NFIP Reform Debate, Courthouse Corner, Shoreline Improvements