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Resources on shoreland restoration

Safeguarding our shorelands

This is part of a collection of resources and research that DNR employees use as a reference in their day-to-day work, and should not be construed as being complete. It is in no way an endorsement of these organizations, but rather a resource for the public who may be interested in shoreland related issues.

Shoreland Stewardship Series
Native Plant Nurseries [PDF]. DNR PUB ER-698-2012.
Restoration Consultants [PDF]. DNR PUB ER-699-2012.
A Fresh Look at Shoreland Restoration [PDF]. DNR/UWEX. FH-429-2003
Protecting and Restoring Shorelands [PDF]. DNR/UWEX. WT-748-2003
Protecting Our Living Shores [PDF]. DNR/UWEX. WT-764-2003
How to restore shorelands
Shoreland Habitat Conservation Practice Standard [PDF]. Natural Resources Conservation Service. July 2001. Code 643A
Shoreland Habitat [PDF]. Wisconsin Biology Technical Note 1. Natural Resources Conservation Service. Tech Note 1
Stream Corridor Restoration: Principles, Processes and Practices [exit DNR]. Federal Interagency Stream Corridor Restoration Working Group. June 2011. GPO Item No. 0120-A
Wisconsin Vascular Plants [exit DNR]. Wisconsin State Herbarium, University of Wisconsin - Madison.