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Resources for landfill owners and operators



Checklists are used by the DNR during the review of landfill submittals such as initial site inspection, soil borrow sources, various other submittals related to siting a proposed landfill and construction documentation. Department staff use these checklists when reviewing submittals to determine if the minimum requirements have been met.

If the information provided is not complete, DNR staff inform the landfill applicant in writing that the information is incomplete and identify what still needs to be submitted. Landfill applicants and consultants can also use these checklists to determine if they have addressed all items required by the appropriate state codes and include a completed copy of the checklist with the submittal to the DNR.


Certain submittals to the DNR require the use of DNR forms. The forms below pertain to landfill facilities.

Warning: Many current browsers do not open PDF forms properly:

  1. From a desktop computer, download the PDF form (right-click on the link, then select "Save link as" or "Save target as")
  2. Make a note of the file location and file name so you can access the file from your device.
  3. Do not double-click the file. Open the Adobe Reader software then select "File > Open" then browse to the PDF file you saved on your device. See PDF Help for additional information.