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Development on historic fill sites and licensed landfills

The DNR's Remediation and Redevelopment and Waste and Materials Management programs have jointly developed a process and guidance for development on historic fill sites and licensed landfills.

Historic fill sites are landfills that were built before 1970 and were not licensed by the DNR. In the past, requirements that covered these sites could be confusing and inconsistent, causing interested parties to shy away from building or developing on these properties.

DNR staff have now streamlined and simplified the process to develop on both historic fill sites and licensed landfills. For those parties interested in this information, the DNR has developed three fact sheets:

In addition, the DNR has forms to expedite the process for anyone seeking either an exemption to build on a landfill or to construct a new water supply well near a landfill:

For information about the locations of fill and landfill sites, please see Solid and Hazardous Waste Information Management System (SHWIMS) and the Historic Registry of Waste Disposal Sites spreadsheet.