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Green Tier Legislative reports

We are pleased to share the Sustainability & Business Support's 2020 report highlighting the DNR's free, non-regulatory services that support Wisconsin's business community in enhancing sustainable environmental practices that support the state's economic engine while ensuring a healthy and robust environment.

The 2020 report highlights the tools available to Wisconsin's business community no matter where they are on their environmental path.

You will learn about our non-regulatory Small Business Environmental Assistance staff and how they help businesses start-up and expand. You will hear from business experts on how Enviro-Check helps customers evaluate their operations to manage compliance risks; and read testimonials from environmental leaders participating in the Green Tier program to go beyond compliance.

Check out the report – you will:

  • Hear a Small Business Environmental Council member's insight on the benefits of DNR's business services;
  • Read how a prominent construction company uses their Green Tier experience to go beyond compliance;
  • Learn why a foundry is taking advantage of a newly developed air permit to help them reduce their environmental impacts more efficiently;
  • Try out the customizable map that shows participant locations and political boundaries; and
  • Discover new initiatives created that provide flexible, streamlined tools for participants who have committed to reducing their environmental footprint.

For optimal viewing we suggest opening the 2020 Biennial Report with Adobe Reader or Internet Explorer. To view the report, either left click the link above or click the report image below. To download the report, right click the link above and select 'Save target as…' to save to your computer. If the report opens in full-screen mode, you can press the 'ESC' key to close the report when you are done.


We want to share our continued success and program enhancements, so below, you can find an archive of our past reports to the legislature.

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