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Starting or Growing Your Business

Whether you are developing a new business or expanding an existing one, your first stop should be the Small Business Environmental Assistance Program. While tailored for small businesses, businesses of all sizes can benefit from the much of the information and many of the tools on the website. Small businesses can get additional one-on-one assistance by calling the helpline at 855-889-3021 or dropping a note to

Purchasing land for a business

Considering how you are going to use a property may help you decide which property to purchase. The size and scope of the property, whether it is undeveloped or an existing facility and the final plans for use of the land and/or buildings may trigger environmental requirements in multiple DNR programs. What to Look for When Purchasing Property can help you minimize the risk of purchasing a property and later finding out that you cannot develop or use it as you intended.

Some permits may need to be secured before construction begins, while others might be needed when you begin operating your business. You can find requirements that may apply to you on Permitting & Reporting.

Brownfield redevelopment

A brownfield is a property or expansion area that has the presence or potential presence of hazardous substances, pollutants or contaminants. Learn more about evaluating and redeveloping these sites on Brownfields: Redeveloping Contaminated Property.

Construction, Renovation and Demolition

When starting or expanding your business involves construction of any kind, find resources to help navigate environmental requirements below:

Renovation projects can substantially improve the value of a property and the business itself. Beyond meeting local building codes, owners should consider any environmental concerns they might encounter.

Many environmental concerns are determined by the age of the building and can include:

  • An Asbestos Survey, which is required before any renovation or demolition activity takes place. More information is available at Asbestos Removal and Notification.
  • A Lead Paint Assessment. Under EPA guidelines, renovations on child-occupied buildings constructed before 1976 must undergo specific lead paint identification and abatement procedures. Everyone who owns or runs daycare facilities, medical facilities, federally assisted housing and schools should know and follow these guidelines.
  • PCB wastes from light ballasts and other materials. The EPA has information pertaining to PCB cleanups and waste disposal.

Sustainable Development

The Wisconsin Initiative for Sustainable Remediation and Redevelopment (WISRR) emphasizes the use of sustainable technologies in site remediation and encourages the use of green technology during the redevelopment process. WISRR provides a manual on 'Green and Sustainable Remediation.'

Additional resources